Feel free to adopt this timeline. I am no longer interested in it. --Alexanders Two PODS: 1. There is no Chappaquiddick incident. 2. Ted Kennedy manages a better campaign and wins the 1980 Democratic Nomination against incumbent Jimmy Carter. This was the only time in modern U.S history that an incumbent lost against a member of his own party.

Most Notable Differences from OTL

Former Soviet Republics

Communists Marching on May Day 2009.

In 1982, President Ted Kennedy signed the Leningrad accords with Leonid Brezhnev. America would give aid to help the war in Afghanistan in exchange for independence of Soviet Republics in Eastern Europe.

In 1986, Head of the Communist Party Mikhail Gorbachev created the Organization of Former Soviet Republics. The OFSR is a council of Russia, Mongolia, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Montenegro, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus centered in Warsaw. Afghanistan began to host regional elections in 1990, but has not yet gained full autonomy, and is garrisoned by a joint Soviet force.

While the Soviet Union is now a full fledged democracy, the Communists are often still in power, but have greatly liberalized and embraced Chavez's socialism of the 21st century,


In the wake of the Soviet Conquest of Afghanistan, Islamic Extremist Muhammad Omar fled for Yemen in 1990,opposing peaceful unification of Yemen. he created his personal action group The Taliaban in 1991 and managed to take control of Democratic North Yemen in 1996 by popular insurgency. In what he called The Last Jihad. In February of 1999, he personally lead a surprise invasion on Socialist South Yemen, he was however with American and Soviet intervention soundly defeated outside the city of Sanna. Muhammad Omar was killed in battle and his Taliban disintegrated. In a joint rule of the country U.S President Dole and OFSR Prime Minister Zyunganov disagreed on the future of the Country, Dole wanted Yemen to Join NATO and adopt Capitalist reform. This proved to be unpopular around the World and much of America itself. Zyunganov wanted Yemen to join OFSR and host free elections by 2002.

President Ventura, after being inaugurated in 2001, was eager to pull American Forces out of many international bases and drastically tone down military spending. Therefore, he struck a bargain with Zyunganov in Treaty of London, which was signed on February 11th.

Yemen would gain sub-member status in the OFSR. The Red Army and the U.S Army would pull out of Yemen by the end of 2002. Free Elections are to be held in November of 2002. In 2002 Ali Abdallah Salih was elected as President of Yemen. He continues to rule the nation to this day.

Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China came to an end with the Treaty of Queens signed on May 27th 1986. The ROC Government from Taiwan returned to China after almost 40 years of expulsion. Leader of the Chinese Liberty Movement, Bao Tong was expected to win the elections but was assassinated on the 15th of June. In the November 13th free elections former PRC Politician Yan Jiaqui became Prime Minister of China. Jiaqui continued the Free Market Reforms of his predecessors.

Jiaqui abolished the Four Cardinal Principles and with the Chinese Parliament created a new constitution for the Republic of China on December 16th 1986 abolishing the four Cardinal Principles and granting Freedom of Religion, Press, Speech and Fair Wage while The one child per family law was put on a process of planned leniency and abolition, Jiaqui gave independence to the Republic of Xinjiang on November 12th 1987 and to the Buddhist Theocracy of Tibet on January 12th 1989. The late 80’s and 90’s were difficult years for the new China backward from the Communist Era it finally began to make an economic turnaround in the mid 2000’s, China has also been plagued with regional Maoist uprisings.

Great Britain



  • 6/15/11 1:20 P.M ET- President John F Kennedy has gone on a tour to Puerto Rico
  • 6/11/11 10:03 AM ET- Investigators find that Congressman Anthony Weiner has been tweeting a 17-year old girl. However, nothing "indecent" is found.
  • 6/7/11 5:26 AM ET Magrab Ashan has been arrested in Moscow for a terror attempt on St Petersburg Shipyards.
  • 6/6/11 4:50 P.M ET New York Congressman Anthony Weiner admits to posting lewd photos of himself on the internet.

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