Alternative History

7th August 1998-Instead of asking to be flogged, a renegade band of students unjustly declared outlaws for their campaigns for child's rights in Texas fake their own "disappearance" the moment the CIA is sent after them, effectively escaping the spotlight (and getting those agents a rise). They found the Texan Party for the Freedom of the Child. They are armed with little more than some posters, a few hundred leaflets and some sticks. They plan to sway more students to their cause.

11th August 1998-A member of the Party flies to Los Angeles, by impersonating another young person. He contacts the ACLU once there, and then attracts 70 members to his cause. The Mob sends some of their men to arrange cooperation.

12th August 1998-The Mob gives arms to the Movement.

14th August 1998-The Movement holds a meeting. John Boscott, the International Coordinator, gets false passports from the Mob. One states he is Ahamed Jads from Syria, another claims he is Paolo de Emiros from Panama, a third, Mark Dales from Britain and lastly, one that says he is Wo-Kok Chu from Vietnam. His job is to travel to some major cities and draw support. His job is to go to main cities: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, New York, Vancouver, Moscow, London, Toyko, Beijing, Durban, Jakarta and Sidney. John is trained in Spanish, Japanese and British English. He basically knows Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Indonesian. He will bring along secret language booklets. He will contact liberal and student rights groups there, and draw support. He sets off to Sao Paulo, his first destination, as Mark Dales. Aggressive Action Coordinator Mary Snalos plans a peaceful blockade of their school, Austin United Elementary. The members of the troop, trained in resistance tactics and armed with anti-criminal Mace, will block entry and chant, effectively blocking all communication.

17th August 1998-"Mark Dales" reports that he has founded a 20-strong branch in South America, in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. He requests an extra trip to Bogota. That is granted. He will stay there for only 26 hours before flying to New York.

19th August 1998-Blockade. The school is virtually cut off. The Headmaster phones 911, and police are called in. They threaten to kill the Party's members. The rebels admit to the blockade through a message sent to major TV channels.

21st August 1998-The police move in but the Resistance uses Mace spray when escaping. The famished crew of teachers are rescued.

22nd August 1998-John is now in Vancouver as "Paolo de Emiros". "Paolo" has created a 100-strong branch in New York and is recruiting 5 rookies in Vancouver. The Mob now literally joins hands with the Party.

27th August 1998-Media Relations and Publicity Manager Susan Miles begins a campaign to raise enthusiasm in the school. 6 members of the Party are undercover, and they begin the campaign. "Paolo" is now in London, and has had no success in recruitment. He will be flying to Durban in 3 hours.

9th September 1998- A huge uprising overthrows the school in Austin United. The Governor orders a "merciless crushing" of the "young felons and forsaken fools". The Mob order their spies in the police to halt "any and all crackdowns". The Party launches a large rally in Austin, to be booed.

11th September 1998-There is a large but ignored demonstration outside the school. The Mob is militarized, with the help of local liberal militias. The schools in Texas outlaw all but "right" speech. They flog mercilessly, and all rebels are killed brutally. "Paolo" is now leaving Durban, and will be on a transit flight to Cairo, then Tehran. After that, he will fly to Moscow.

16th September 1998-