The Rise of China was a process in progress at the time of the POD, so to simplify this page only events after the POD are described.

Early Expansion

From well before the POD China was engaged in expansion into territories not formerly under Chinese control. Shortly after Zheng He's voyages, China built colonies in places across the Pacific and expanded far northward.

Clashes with Russia

Between the POD and 1630 Russian history was almost identical but in 1630 Russia and China started to fight over the border. From here on, the border with Russia would change almost constantly.

Chinese English Conflicts

China and England were engaged in many conflicts over South-east Asia, Indonesia, Australia and North America. Well few wars broke out between them, tensions remained.

War of Spanish Succession

In 1701 the War of Spanish Succession occurred as in OTL and in 1706 declared war on Spain and France in an effort to gain more land in North America. In the peace treaty California, Louisiana and Florida.

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