Risk! is a casual map game by User:Nathan1123 that simulates mechanics from the popular board game of the same name. Rather than an arbitrary number game with heated arguments, as was the case in previous map games, conflicts in this game are entirely decided using methods similar to the original board game, which is largely RNG.

This world is a blank slate, without any canonical history in its timeline. Once you sign up as a nation, it is in your hands to detail the backstory and lore of where this nation came from, including its politics, economy, culture, or even religion. Generally, the technology and society of this world is roughly equivalent to the mid-to-late 19th century. However, the point of divergence for your nation can be as far back or as recent as you want. Plausibility will not be strictly enforced, and world wars will go essentially similar to that of the original board game, with a handful of nations ultimately dominating the world. 

So whether you want to push for a world conquest, or just want to enrich the world with your role-playing lore building, this game is right for you!


Risk Year3

Current Map

Risk Map


Risk Map Labeled

Provinces Labeled




  • No bullying
  • The mods are the servant-leader of the game
  • Plausibility will not be strictly enforced. However, certain things will qualify your turn to be crossed out:
    • Objectively ASB or physically impossible actions
    • Contradicting lore established by other players
    • Ignoring game rules on armies or warfare, or attempting to circumvent them
  • No switching nations
  • One single defiance of the rules cannot be grounds to punish players. A player is only punished in the game if their actions breaking the rules are 1) persistent, 2) pervasive, and 3) unapologetic
  • The mods have the ability to change any of the rules by a majority vote
  • If the game lasts long enough that one nation rules the entire world, then the current players will be polled on whether to continue the game

Building armies

  • Every province, either in a player nation or NPC, starts out with 1,000 troops
  • You must have at least 100 troops in every province you own as of the beginning of every turn
  • Every turn, your army increases by troops proportional to the number of territories you have. This increase is equal to the number of territories divided by 3 (rounded down), times 1,000
    • The minimum number of armies gained per turn is 3,000 troops
    • This also applies to the first turn
  • You also gain additional troops per turn if you own every single territory in a larger region, as indicated on the regional map. The bonuses are listed in the next section. Even larger bonuses are given by owning every single territory in an entire continent
  • Starting on the third turn, you are allowed to request additional armies by mod response, completely independent of the automatic increase of troops listed above. The mod will decide whether this is successful, and the number of armies it receives, using an undisclosed RNG based algorithm
  • You cannot increase or decrease your army outside of these rules
  • You are allowed to freely move armies around at any point to other provinces you own during the turn, as long as the minimum number of 100 per province is satisfied at the end of the turn

Bonuses per region

  • Asia: +45
    • East Asia: +7
    • India: +7
    • Near East: +7
    • Southeast Asia: +5
    • Indonesia: +5
    • Anatolia: +5
    • Iran: +3
    • Central Asia: +2
    • Siberia: +2
    • Caucasus: +2
  • Europe: +30
    • Central Europe: +5
    • Russia: +5
    • Western Europe: +3
    • Eastern Europe: +3
    • Britain: +3
    • Balkans: +3
    • Scandinavia: +2
  • Africa: +25
    • North Africa: +5
    • East Africa: +5
    • West Africa: +3
    • South Africa: +3
    • Central Africa: +3
    • Madagascar: +2
  • North America: +25
    • Eastern US: +3
    • Western US: +3
    • Central America: +3
    • Canada: +2
    • Caribbean: +2
  • South America: +15
    • Brazil: +5
    • Gran Colombia: +3
    • Argentina: +2
  • Oceania: +5
    • Australia: +2
    • Polynesia: +2
  • Antarctica: +1


  • You can only invade a nation using armies in territories that directly border it, including sea borders
  • You cannot invade a nation from a territory with 100 troops or less
  • You must move at least 100 troops into the territory you conquer
  • In order to request an algo, you must state 1) the territory you are invading, 2) the number of troops you are using, and 3) the maximum number of casualties you will tolerate before retreating
  • If two nations are allied to attack the same territory, only one of them will annex it
  • If two provinces both attack each other, then they are both counted as attacker until one side reaches their stated max casualties, at which point it becomes the defender
  • You can call as many algos as you want in one turn, but they all have to be nations you directly border as of the start of the turn


  • You sign up for a nation by filling out the information in the nations section below. The only truly required fields are name and provinces, and the rest, if non applicable, can be listed as N/A or left blank
  • Technology and society of the world is roughly equivalent to the 19th century
  • There is currently no limit on points of divergence
  • Lore for the nation can include other player nations or NPCs. However, this has two caveats:
    • It cannot contradict lore established by the player
    • It cannot be used to circumvent rules on army building or warfare
  • You cannot either lose or gain territory outside of the war mechanics above



Fill out the following form in the relevant section where your nation is located. If your nation is transcontinental, place it in the continent where the capital is located.

  • Nation name:
  • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map):
  • Capital (OTL name if different): 
  • Leader(s):
  • Form of government:
  • Religion:
  • Brief description (2-5 sentences)
  • Player: (Sign here)

North America

  • Nation name: The United Corperations of New California
    • Extent (list five numbers from the Provinces map): 14, 39, 40, 51, 52
    • Capital (OTL name if different): San Francisco
    • Leader(s): Jeff Bezos (head of State), Tim Apple, Mark Zuckerberg
    • Form of government: Autocratic Corpocracy
    • Religion: Jobism
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): Came into existence after the secession of California and its subsequent merger with Washington State (which had previously been awarded to Jeff Bezos as a private estate). Legally, every citizen is an employee of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, or Netflix, with each company sending 10 senators to represent them.
    • Player: Firesofdoom
  • Nation name: Millerite Republic of the Great Lakes
    • Extent (list five numbers from the Provinces map): 10, 19, 20, 21, 22
    • Capital (OTL name if different): New Jerusalem (OTL Battle Creek)
    • Leader(s): Daniel Verdun (president), Isaiah Landon (prophet)
    • Form of government: Christian council democracy
    • Religion: Sabbatarian Adventist Church of God (SACG)
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): The Great Lakes-based nation was founded based on the Millerite movement, which reorganized itself as the Adventists. Following a splinter among the Adventists, the SACG formed, which consisted of disfellowshipped Seventh-day Adventists, with its own ubiquitous eschatology, sought to establish a Christian state to resist worldly "Babylon".
    • Player: Centrist16
  • Nation name: Greenland
    • Extent (list five numbers from the Provinces map): 156, 157, 158, 160, 159
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Nuuk
    • Leader(s): Kuupik Kleist
    • Form of government:
    • Religion:
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences):
    • Player: Kuupik (talk) 10:04, July 30, 2020 (UTC)
  • Nation name: The Kingdom of Libertalia
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map):1,2,3,6 and 7
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Wildetopia
    • Leader(s):King Oscar II Wilde, Charles Dickiens and lord taylor
    • Form of government: Noocracy(rule by the wise)
    • Religion: Novelism
    • Brief description the kingdom is consistes of a king,which holds no power other then a fugurehead,instead the power is contained in the power of the wise co-rulers of the nation.
    • Player: (Sign here) --DRAFIGO13 (talk) 23:50, August 2, 2020 (UTC)
  • Nation name: Neo Confederacy
    • Extent (list five numbers from the Provinces map): 47, 58, 63, 62 and 64
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Richmond
    • Leader(s): Washington Custis Lee (President), John James Davis (Vice President)
    • Form of government: Confederated presidential constitutional republic
    • Religion: Freedom of Religion
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): As the United States somehow falls apart. The southern states reformed the Confederacy. They had two party's the Unionist and the Dixie party. The Unionist wants to united the americans and reformed the United States. The Dixies on the other hand wants to keep southern pride alive.
    • Player: (Sign here) --UnitedCrusader (talk) 19:40, August 3, 2020 (UTC)

South America

  • Nation name: United Dominion of Patagonia and the Falklands
    • Extent (list five numbers from the Provinces map): 133, 132, 134, 135, 129
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Narborough (OTL Viedma)
    • Leader(s): Governor-General Arthur Northcote, Earl of Dudley
    • Form of government: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    • Religion: Anglicanism
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): The dominion was formed through the union of various British colonies in South America.
    • Player: Qarlonc (talk) 09:18, July 28, 2020 (UTC)
  • Nation name: Republic of Charinias
    • Extent (list up to fie numbers from the Provinces map): 112, 114, 119, 128, 132
    • Capital (OTL Name if different): Saint Pablo
    • Leader(s): President Joseph Reyes, Vicepresident Carlos Morgan
    • Form of Governemnt: Republican democracy
    • Religion: Krataniaiasm
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): Charinia is a republican democracy nation that had a european influence since it's own colonization. It has a consitutional rule and has elections every 8-10 years. Krataniaism is it's main religion, and it's based on practical rules and traditions created by the people of Charinia for nearly 20 decades. Values like empathy, tolerance and respect are important for the nation, and they are one of the values that are expected from all of society.
    • Player: Mato0900


  • Nation name: Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 166, 165, 196, 201, 200
    • Capital (OTL name if different): ꙂâЄäѺqääখq'PঙqЧ-ӼޏfᎭ (OTL Longyearbyen)
    • Leader(s): Ꮙäאigmälu ShЇןpᎤjᎡᏬ YЪਗ'Ꭽk'@ЏЏЏl'q'l-ﭏg'ääää'F
    • Form of government: Fääämbruohist Neo-C@'lupperocratic Digopicralic
    • Religion: Fish
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): In the Third Moon of Blue Yam, a priestocrat named L000gäѺq'juuᏓאigpäät became the first Ꮙäאigmälu of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa when he unified the twenty-nine Q@MᏕᏈbalz's of GuuuhguhᏓ-ä-Ӽ, fulfilling the prophecy of ᏔaᏓᏐᎬᏒ.
    • Player: RIPmacmillerforever (talk) 09:40, July 27, 2020 (UTC)
  • Nation name: Frankokratia
    • Extent: 311, 313, 308, 310, 309
    • Capital: Athènes (Athens) (311)
    • Leader(s): John VII Billeardouinos (King); Apostolis Spinakis (Prime Minister)
    • Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy
    • Religion: Greek Rite Roman Catholic
    • Brief description: Frankokratia is a constitutional monarchy built around a hybrid Frankish and Greek presence (often known as "Gasmouloi") in southeast Europe - spanning from Achaea in the south to Thessalonica in the north. Frankokratia was established in the 17th century, following a period known as the Latin Empire (or Romania). The notable difference between Frankokratia and the Latin Empire is that, while most nobles are of Frankish/Gasmouloi extract, the democratic aspects of local and national government have a large role for ethnic Greeks, who also have a large influence over language and culture.
    • Player: Reximus (Talk)
  • Nation name: Ísland
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): Iceland, Svalbard and the Jan Mayen
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Reykjavik  
    • Leader(s): Atli von Klingenberg
    • Form of government: Elective monarchy
    • Religion: Lutheran
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): Iceland has had inhabitant since the Ice age as people travelled across the Ice. They bred moose for a living until they could harvest crop. The Klingenbergs got their first monarch as Þórður Klingenberg (1864) and had it on and off but they’ve since always been in power when Rannveig Klingenberg was elected (1925). Iceland are mostly pacifists and loyal allies. Long live Iceland.
    • Player: (Sign here) -Atli
  • Nation name: Austrian Empire
    • Extent: 260, 267, 265, 269, 287
    • Capital: Vienna
    • Leader: Franz Joseph I
    • Form of government: absolute monarchy
    • Religion: Catholic
    • Brief description: Austrian Empire is an absolute monarchy. Its ruling family has been ruling part of Europe for about 600 years. The Capital Vienna protected the whole Europe from the Ottomans.
    • Player: revanger12
  • The Birds of Passage
    • Extent: 169, 167, 168, 170,171
    • Capital: None
    • Leader(s): Nine Judges of the Aviaries
    • Form of government: Nomadic theocratic-kritarchy
    • Religion: Augarism (Path of the Birds)
    • Brief Description: The Birds of Passage are a semi nomadic tribe dedicated to the ancient ways of the birds and their path, who follow their divinely guided flight in the pursuit of new homes and eternal knowledge.
    • Player: Kcb30f30
  • Al-Andalus
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 218, 219, 220, 221, 614
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Qurṭuba (Cordoba)
    • Leader(s):
    • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy, caliphate
    • Religion: Sunni Islam
    • Brief description: Changing hands through the centuries between various dynasties, al-Andalus survived against the reconquistas. It represents Muslim merchantile interests in the Western world. (I'll write something decent I'm sure)
    • Player: Curmudgeonly yours - Crim 07:14, July 28, 2020 (UTC)
  • Nation name: Kingdom of algharbia
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 223,222,228,234
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Zaragoza 
    • Leader(s): Amara Abbasi
    • Form of government: Monarchism
    • Religion: Sunni-islam,judaism and christians
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): one of some arab-speaking state in europe after some various dynasty and one of the survivor of reconquistas it's represent the 'west arab land' it represent trades and interest in the western world within friendly relation.
    • Player: Poof
  • Nation name: The Kingdom of Hourglassea
    • Extent: 188, 189, 190, 187, 176
    • Leader(s): King Wilbur the Everlasting (monarch). Prime Minister: Mary Borr.
    • Form of government: "The best"
    • Religion: Militarized Wilburism
    • Brief Description: Hourglassea's early hours are murky, but thanks to extensive historical research and revision, most Hourglasseans now know for a fact that their civilization was founded 5000 years ago by giants who built a bridge to the island from North America out of water, now called the Atlantic. The giants harvested the water from outer space, using their highly volatile digestive tracts to regurgitate the water and create the sea. Hourglassea was then fished up by the ancient legendary founding father Udofyukgefbetelnven the Rich. At least, this is the official story. Regardless, Hourglassea emerged as a verifiable nation only in recent years, under King Wilbur the Everlasting. No-one knows the King's exact age: however, it is believed to be somewhere between 80 and his claimed age of 606. Seizing power many years ago, Wilbur established a personality cult and then founded the religion Militarized Wilburism. Anyone who does not conform to Militarized Wilburism's ambiguous principles is imprisoned in an underwater jail. The Prime Minister, Mary Borr, is the head of the government, and lives with her wife and two children in a small country cottage. Hourglassea is known for their skill at flying aeroplanes. They are also generally considered a peaceful nation, with no great ambitions other than world domination, and they are widely respected worldwide. No other country would even think of invading them, or so the citizens are assured by the government.   
    • Player: Marrybore
  • Nation name: Order of Monkoserbgaria
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 281, 301, 304, 314
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Castle Black (304)
    • Leader(s): Vacant
    • Form of government: Knightly Order
    • Religion: Bábism
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): The Great Wall was constructed to contain the Pesky Balkans from infiltrating the holy land of Bábism. Monkoserbgaria was founded to man the wall and protect it at all costs. No one may cross the great line.
    • Player: Nolanjpiers (talk) 04:07, August 2, 2020 (UTC)


  • Name: Kukwera kwa Maravi (Maravi Ascendancy)
    • Territory: 707, 709, 710, 713, 714
    • Capital: Nkhotakota
    • Leader: N/A
    • Government: Oligarchic Autocracy
    • Religion: Zoroastrianism
    • Brief Description: A kingdom formed from the remnants of the Kingdom of Maravi, it is dominated by the nobility and their families. Not much is known about the reclusive nation which barely tolerates trade with outsiders preferring to be left to their own devices. It is said that their government is formed with major houses controlling one major aspect of governance from diplomacy to the military. In recent years, the Ascendancy has adopted a more aggressive stance compared to its prior actions and begun expanding its borders bit by bit.
    • Player:Not my fault, someone put a wall in my way (talk) 03:19, July 29, 2020 (UTC)


  • Nation name: Republic of Thomasia
    • Extent: 774, 775, 776, 770, 769
    • Capital: Saint-Thomas / Lishani-Taoma (Manila)
    • Leader: Nathan XVIII (President)
    • Government: Theodemocracy
    • Religion: Church of the Indies (Syriac Christianity)
    • Brief description: After preaching in India, Saint Thomas arrived in the archipelago in 62 AD. Saint Thomas' ministry, which lasted a mere ten years, nevertheless left a lasting impact on the archipelago's culture. Within a hundred years following his death, Datu Dakila declared himself Nathan I of Thomasia (named after the apostle) and unified the island of Luzon. While the Thomasians maintained contact with Nestorian Christians via Arab and Indian traders, Thomasians had only regained contact with mainstream Christianity in the Middle Ages via Catholic missions in Yuan China.
    • Player: Candiesrgood
  • Nation name: Republic of Nepal
    • Extent: 537, 552, 551, 570, 536
    • Capital: Kathmandu
    • Leader: Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli
    • Government: Left-Liberal Democracy
    • Religion: Secular
    • Brief description: The World belongs to Nepal.
    • Player: YouKnowWho
  • Nation name: Israel
    • Extent: 625, 626, 343, 342, 341
    • Capital: Juda
    • Leader(s): Abraham Rabinowicz
    • Form of government: Democracy
    • Religion: Judaism
    • Brief description: After a major genocide that killed 6 million Jewish people, the Jewish people were given the holy land. A few decades later we fought against Egypt and won some land. Now we try and protect out holy lands from the Muslim people that try and take it back from us.
    • Player:Domingo_Nosferatu
  • Nation name: Chautamvun
    • Extent: 507, 506, 477
    • Capital: Bustdan (OTL Luoyang)
    • Leader: Phúng the Great
    • Form of government: Absolute Monarchy
    • Religion: Perrism
    • Brief description: Chautamvun (Tri-Province Area) was under a cruel dictatorship by the tyrant Duphanhan and his family, until the Resistance under General Cangdit overthrew them and liberated the country. The current Emperor of the country is Phung the Great, brother of the Army General, Cangdit.
    • Player: Froopy
  • Nation Name: Greater Empire of Singapore
    • Extent: 613, 612, 611, 756, 766
    • Capital: Singapore
    • Leader: Great Emperor Jov I
    • Absolute Monarchy
    • Buddhism/Jovannicism
    • Brief Description: After the fall of Singapore, Then General Jov defeated all other factions to establish a monarchy. SEA countries attempted to invade Singapore, but brilliant victories at Johor Bahru, Kuching and Ha Tien gave the nation greater lands. The country is actually quite libertarian, and most citizens live with general ease. The country seek to expand into further lands, and with such fearsome generals backing the army, few should stand in the way...
    • Player: DaJovannicEmpire

Nation name: Chechnya caliphate

    • Extent:  388, 375
    • Capital:  Grozny
    • Leader:  caliph
    • Government: extreme Muslim theocracy
    • Religion: sunni Islam
    • Brief description: allahu ackbar inshallah
    • Player: ike angew
  • Nation name: Siberian Republic
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 455, 442, 454, 453, 441
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Omsk
    • Leader(s):Garry Kasparov (president), Sergei Furgal (vice president), Nurzhan Ashimbetov (Nurjan Áshimbetov), Ivan Klyayn, Ilya Sereduk and Oksana Fadina.
    • Form of government: Democratic capitalist republic.
    • Religion: Russian Orthodox (most), Sunni Islam, Atheist, Spiritualist, Animist and Tengenist.
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): The dissident chess player Garry Kasparov had lead a pro-democracy rebellion in Russia 6 years earlier and it was a success. It was such a success that it spread to nearby parts of Kazakhstan 2 years later. Siberia is an emergent democracy with a relatively free, but weak economy. Society is still a bit conservative, but not as much as it used to be in the pre-independence era. It has a mixed agricultural, forestry, mining and industrial economy.

Player:User:Todetode :. ~ Under the Hood, Connect to Basic information? ~ Todetode (talk). 21:59, August 1, 2020 (UTC)

  • Nation name: Magnesian State of Mysia
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 329, 330, 328, 331, 317
    • Capital (OTL name if different): New Uluru
    • Leader(s): Officilar-Seer Vélar Cochléaria on behalf of Imperial Prophet Maximilian Couture
    • Form of government: Autocratic Theocracy
    • Religion: Magnesianism
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences):

Player: Gerriandour (talk) 04:39, August 2, 2020 (UTC)

  • Nation name: Northern Viets
  • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 521, 542, 543, 559, 560
  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Leader(s): de facto National Salvation Council (headed by Social-Revolutionary Party)
  • Form of Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Brief description (2-5 sentences): After uniting all other tribes, the country began to redeveloped its' economy, and concentrated on production and trade. It also has a good army.

Player: 1234chernobyl August 3rd, 2020, 3:10 (UTC)

Oceania and Antarctica

  • Nation name: United Technocracy of Antarctica
    • Extent (list up to five numbers from the Provinces map): 139, 138, 137, 140, 141
    • Capital (OTL name if different): Progress (OTL Geographic South Pole)
    • Leader(s):
    • Form of government: Technocracy (Meritocratic technology-driven objectivism)
    • Religion: Secularism (Official); Cult of Reason, Deism, Penguinism, Lutheranism
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): Only two generations ago the scientists, explorers, and wanderers of the Antarctica continent came together and united into a council to oversee the great wastes. Antarctica belongs to the scientists, detached from the wimps and regulations of governments, the continent has prospered and advanced far into the future of technology and progress. But this burst of human advancement came at a great cost. The continent became closed off from the rest of the world, biding its time. Those who stood in the way of the council's grand vision were crushed. Now, the council has decreed that all Southerners shall be divided into twelve tribes, and each tribe shall send two children to the center orb for a great reckoning once a year, in commemoration of the Unity...
    • Player: User:T0oxi22
  • Nation name: Magnesian State of Australia
    • Extent: 790, 791, 792, 793, 794
    • Capital: Dandiri (OTL Brisbane)
    • Leader: Imperial Prophet Maximilian Couture
    • Form of government: Autocratic Theocracy
    • Religion: Magnesianism
    • Brief description: The followers of Simon Magus, called Magnesians, have slowly grown in the shadows of history over the course of centuries leading up to the modern era, largely centered in either Greece or France. In the 18th century, the Magnesians of France took special effort for the colonization of Eastern Australia. Magnesians have always been supportive of Enlightenment or rationalist philosophies, being kindred with their Gnostic origins. Since their independence, the Magnesians shifted their center of power to this theocratic state, isolated from the chaos of the world to practice their own religion under the Imperial Prophet
    • Player: Oh, I didn't mean to push that button!Oh, well leave a message I guess 04:30, July 29, 2020 (UTC)


  • Nation Name: Iron Bank
    • Extent (list five numbers from the Provinces map): 184, 153, 560, 805, 676
    • Capital (OTL name if different): None
    • Leader(s): Purple Council
    • Form of government: Trapezocracy
    • Religion: None
    • Brief description (2-5 sentences): The Iron Bank is an ancient institution that exists around the world. It is less of a nation state and more like a banking corporation with territories and assets under its control. Its military is prohibited from attacking or conquering anything in the name of the Iron Bank, but rather is contracted as mercenaries to nations (player and NPC alike) for a monetary fee. The Iron Bank's currency (the Ferra) is present all across the world, and the organization runs an extensive ledger of every nation's wealth. Each turn every nation in the world will gain a certain amount of ferra, which can be used to purchase Iron soldiers, trade, or pay debts. The Iron Bank remains strictly neutral, and leases its soldiers to the highest bidder, however, if you cross the Iron Bank by attacking it, not paying your debts, or attempting to circumvent it, you may find them funding your adversaries to ensure your demise. To purchase soldiers or make a trade with the Iron Bank, one must send it diplomacy. The Bank will then issue soldiers to your location. (Note: This nation is operating under special rules that the moderators approved of. It's not allowed to annex any territory itself, but in exchange can send mercanaries to other people's provinces.)
    • Player: Nathanadrian (talk) 05:46, August 2, 2020 (UTC)

Game Turns

Turn 1

Welcome to the game of Risk! I hope you have taken some time to get comfortable with the nations you created. You never know when a few bad rolls could bring that crashing down lol.

For anyone who hasn't signed up, but may want to join the game after this point, feel free to post your own application at any time!

As stated in the rules, everyone starts with 1,000 troops for each province you own, in addition to 3,000 troops at the start of this turn.

Right now, we have 22 players spanning 105 provinces, with a total of 171,000 troops. More statistics will be posted on Discord later.

I know the rules say that there isn't any nation switching, but if you really aren't satisfied with your setup you can talk to me about it and we can work anything out.

Ordinarily, mod events will be pretty light except for occasional cultural/technological changes or flavor events. But occasionally I will be spawning in NPC states to really spice things up. Here is the first one:

  • Province 142 is owned by the Crucian Tribes. These are nomadic people living in the wastelands of East Antarctica, isolated from the southern tribes of the Technocracy. They primarily raise penguins for their own food, and worship the stars that make up the Southern Cross. Religion: Animist.
  • Hourglassea: It was a normal day in the Kingdom of Hourglassea. Catalytic plumes were wafting dreamily through incandescent air, and King Wilbur the Everlasting raised his voice to a hoarse croak in the Authorized War Room, to announce: "Recently, my friends, I have been afraid. Afraid of what, do you ask? What could the everlasting Wilbur-king be afraid of, you inevitably wonder? I will tell you, friends, Romans, countrymen, and above all (except me, naturally), my subjects." He laughed a little at his own joke and extraordinary sense of humour. "What am I afraid of? I will tell you. The dreaded Province 191!" There were gasps all around. Those present turned pale. The Prime Minister's spouse collapsed into her wife's arms, having fainted. "For many long years, but especially recently, Province 191 has regarded our poor, innocent little Kingdom of Hourglassea hungrily." There were nods and murmurs of agreement from all around the room. "Indeed," the Prime Minister remarked, and, "Very true," remarked the Minister for the Interior. "They regarded this kingdom with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. And soon - will come the great disillusionment." "They mean to attack us!" gasped the medical examiner, Dr. Fauci. "But we must strike first!" exclaimed the King, thumping his fist down on the table in front of him, with shattered under his powerful blow. A piece of glass flew up and hit the King in the chin, and the meeting had to be adjourned until Dr. Fauci had successfully placed a bandage over the King's wound and the King had recovered. At any rate, that day, it was decided that the Authorized Invasion of Province 191 would take place. 3,200 troops are mobilized and moved into Province 191 to conquer them before they conquer us. 1,280 losses will be tolerated, but no more (ALGO Requested). A subsequent attack on Province 175 is planned if all goes well with the initial primary attack.
    • The Battle of Kent lasts seven days, and Province 191 falls to Hourglassea. Province 191 is now occupied by 2,700 troops, leaving 100 back in Province 190.
  • Thomasia: The young President Nathan XVIII starts his first term (each lasting 10 years) by giving all Thomasians free food, such as bread, butter, beer, oil, and sugar. Every year, there is a festival known simply as the Fire Festival. Effigies of non-Christians are burnt, with he ashes then dumped in the latrines. However, at the start of a new Presidential term, instead of the Fire Festival, the Great Fire Festival occurs. Instead of spanning only a three days, the Great Fire Festival spans an entire month. In addition to fasting and the aforementioned activity of effigy-burning, the Thomasians celebrate the Great Fire Festival by self-flagellating, refusing to eat for days (or even weeks) at a time, and the most pious of the devotees even nailing themselves to a cross in imitation of Christ’s suffering. The President, unless he/she is too old or suffering from an illness, is obliged to do the latter. Nathan spends a total of three days on a cross. However, to display his piety, a week after the ordeal, Nathan nails himself onto a big tree for an additional six days. The Thomasian people are shaken by his undying devotion to the Lord, and they bestow upon him the title of the “Tree King”. Nathan rejects his title out of humility, and asks his people to call him “Little Nathan” instead. Nathan also initially refused to live in the Oriental Palace, and instead wanted to live in a mud hut in the middle of the St. Thomas Plaza. However, one of his ministers, Callie, had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in which she said, “the Little One has suffered enough, let him rest - for he has made Christ happy.” Not wanting to offend the Mother of God, Nathan accedes to him living in the Oriental Palace. Thomasia invades provinces 771 with 3,200 people, we will tolerate a loss of 1,280 people (ALGO NEEDED).
    • The Battle of Kutei lasts 9 days, but the region does not fall to Thomasia yet. The troops return to region 770 with 1,900 troops, while region 771 still has 500 troops
  • Israel: With Abraham Rabinowicz winning the last election the Democratic Socialist party is now the in the head of state for this term. Rebuilding projects for our cities are taking place so we can modernize cities and upgrade older infrastructure that needs fixing. The construction of the biggest Jewish temple is started up. Judaism is doing very well in our nation with people practicing their religion when needed to. The agriculture industry is doing average like every year. More factories are being build to increase production of military and consumer goods. The military gets ready to invade Cyprus (338) with 4k troops. We send out ships to start the invasion leaving from our ports. (Algo Needed) In hopes this invasion goes well, we would like to spread our religion to other parts of the world and make it more prominent religion of the world. Secrete tunnels are being build underneath in some section of the capital city for military usage to make it more safe for the people living there. Trading goes well with other nations we boarder on all sides. We increase our ports to make them bigger and more fortified just encase of an attack.
    • The Battle of Salamis lasts 13 days, and Cyprus falls to Israel. Cyprus is now occupied with 2,300 troops, leaving 100 troops in province 341.
  • Siberian Republic: The 1,000 troops for in each province stay there and the extra 3,000 starting troops are divided with 1,000 going to our province 441, 1,000 going to our province 453 and going to 1,000 to guard the capital. Logging and forestry are developed as industries. No one is invaded by Siberia this round.
  • Al-Gharb: amar has fully developing some new functionals with new stuff and else they improving the economy throught via focusing to modernization the councils has demand to gain more boost and support it's idea across the kingdom the agriculture is doing well the militarization upgrade same goes within' whoever more factories are doing it and make more good stuffs, the trades in the kingdom has increase positively commercials thus by that it's way big the Commission worker of Gharb (CWG) suggest that there need to improve the city and stuff that are up to be improved each years so far as the Monarchs the territorial's is populate and more canal is being constructed and a bridge is constructed to the north at border of the western's Europeans nation to welcome the merchants and throught interest in market's economy.
  • Frankokratia: King John VII, a young and ambitious ruler of Frankokratia, awakes amidst a dream early this round. In this vision, he sees the Hagia Sophia - the Church of Holy Wisdom - in Constantinople. His great-great-great-grandfather had lost the region roughly two centuries ago when the Latin Empire was reformed into Frankokratia. The current rulers of the city - unfaithful men - had long disregarded the Hagia Sophia, had defiled its sanctuary. Soon after his dream, John VII approached the Greek Rite/Roman Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople - who lives in exile in Athènes - about what he had seen. The Patriarch, persuaded that Frankokratia is strong and stable enough to finally retake the holy city - his see - calls for a crusade to recapture lands lost in recent centuries. Pleased, as a crusade gives the King greater authority to wage war over the heads of the Prime Minister and Voulí (Parliament), John VII mobilizes 8,000 men - leaving 500 behind in total garrisons split between Attica (311), Achaea (313), Neopatras (310), Thessaly (308), and Thessalonica (309). The reamaining 7,500 men are divided into two groups, each of 3,750. The first of these armies invades Thrace (Province 315) while the second, in a stretch of the initial crusading powers granted by the Patriarch, are sent to conquer Crete (Province 312). We are willing to use all men in combat. When pressed before the Voulí, King John VII responds in writing that he intends to encircle the City of the World's Desire, although this seems suspect to the few liberal members of parliament.
    • The Battle of Heraklion lasts 9 days, and Crete falls to Frankokratia. 2,850 troops remain occupying the island.
    • The Battle of Adrianople lasts 10 days, and Thrace falls to Frankokratia. 2,750 occupy the region
  • Austrian Empire: Franz Joseph I becomes a new king. He is an ambitious man and does mass conscription. Every man aged from 21 to 30 must serve in the military for at least 2 years. With this new law, the Empire quickly gains troops and invades province 261 with 5,00 troops. The Empire built more factories and farms across the nation, and also built railways and roads to make transportation of troops easier.
    • The Siege of Venice lasts 10 days, and falls to Austria. 3,300 troops occupies Venice leaving 100 troops back in Province 260
  • Chautamvun (Tri-Province Area): It has been two years since the fall of Doofanian rule in Chautamvun. The Resistance have overthrown Duphanhan and had him executed for who knows how many crimes he had commited. Even though his army was annihilated, his family members are still alive in their homeland, Doofania, waiting for a revenge. News have reached Emperor Phung's ears that his daughter, Vanessassary has succeeded Duphanhan as the Empress of Doofania, with her mother, Charlene acting as her advisor. Knowing that Doofania may strike back any time soon, Emperor Phung orders to set up fortifications alongside the border with Doofania. To help the nation recover from the war, Emperor Phung began on improving the economy of the country. There were disagreements with Emperor Phung and his sister, Cangdit about what to do with the army, as Cangdit still feared another Doofanian invasion, however, Phung suggested that, since their army was annihilated, it will take years and years for them to recover and started on invading again, if they dare to. So, Phung reduced the army size, much to the disagreement of his sister, and settle the army to work. As the country sits on the basin of the mighty Yellow River, agriculture is focused on, with levee construction projects being implemented to prevent flooding. Emperor Phung also has plans for the industrialization of the country, as he is in favour of new technology. Phung has the vision to strengthen Chautamvun economically and militarily, and thus begin a Ten-Year Plan. Efforts are made to revive the country’s culture and religions, as they were heavily oppressed during Doofanian rule. So, a large number of Perrist churches are reopened. Restless working of the young Emperor has made him tired and stressed. During the national holiday of Chautamvung, Platyp, his Empress-Consort, Isabel, advised him to take a moment to relaxed and enjoy it, as he was too stressed. Bustdan, the capital, was formelly dubbed “The City of Love”, so she wanted Phung to take her out to tour across the city, but he continues to ignore her to focus on his works.
  • Maravi Ascendancy: Jelani of House Obinyola following a vote by the ruling families of the Maravi Ascendancy has been authorized to expand the boundaries of the Ascendancy into neighboring territories. 7,500 men are allotted to him and divided into two forces comprised of 3,750 each with each group being directed to invade provinces 733 and 702 (Algos Needed). Meanwhile, House Ezekwasili in their capacity of overseeing the development of non-military technology has begun investment on a promising prototype for an engine utilizing steam that is believed to have an increased amount of output compared to prior steam engines. Affairs in the capital have grown tense due to the Juridials of the Judiciary declaring that House Igwe had conspired against Maravi law by assembling their own Household Phalange leading to House Mbanefo having mobilized the Defense forces as well as its own Household Phalange to eliminate the violators of Ascendancy law. The pacification of House Igwe takes up to a week as it’s estates are well guarded but House Mbanefo eventually falls with the Ruling Families moving to seize its assets quickly. House Azekiwe has begun efforts to implement a road network spanning the Ascendancy to ease the shipments of goods its assigned to oversee.
    • The invasion of Province 702 is a success, and falls to Maravi. 2,750 troops occupies the region.
    • The invasion of Madagascar lasts 10 days, and Province 733 is captured by Maravi. 2,950 troops occupies the region.
  • Millerite Republic of the Great Lakes: During the most recent General Conference of Sabbatarian Adventist Church of God Meeting, President of the Church and Republic Daniel Verdun revealed to the congregation and country that the Son of Man would soon arrive and that it was the mission of the Church, as the remnant church of Jesus Christ, is to spread the good news and the Three Angels' message. President Verdun pointed out the resurgence of Catholic powers and other false churches as the prophetic Babylon. He implored citizens of the Republic to tithe faithfully, be prayerful, and to be prepared for a defensive holy war against the forces of Satan and false prophets. As President Verdun delivered an impassioned sermon before his congregation-state, he became visibly distressed as he fell into a deep trance-like state, shaken and overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and his conviction in Christ. "Beloved brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed to this Church, His Church, that we must hasten His Second Coming!" He elaborated further, stressing the utmost urgency the Millerite Republic had in claiming more souls for the Kingdom to Come. "We must go forth and be fishers of men. We must restore Truth in this fallen world by revealing the Sabbath truth and the final days." The Millerite Republic sends its missionary-soldiers to invade Indiana (Province 33) with 1,440 troops. If it is successful, the Republic will send an additional 1,440 to pacify the state. If it fails, it will send 2,440. The Lord shall not allow loss of anymore than 777 in the first attempt or 1,200 in either plans for the second attempt. (ALGO NEEDED)
    • Battle of Gary lasts 9 days, and ends with the Millerites retreating with 540 troops left, while Indiana still has 300 troops. The Battle of Indianapolis lasts 7 days, and several bloody skirmishes the province is captured. 1,540 troops now occupies Indiana, with 1,980 troops staying behind in Michigan.
  • Antarctica: Huh? There's a tribe in Antarctica? The Crucians are attacked with 5,000 soldiers until they surrender. 819 is attacked with 2,000 soldiers.
    • Province 819 is taken with 800 soldiers remaining to occupy it. Province 142 is taken with 4,200 soldiers remaining to occupy it.
  • United Corperations of New California: Invades province 28 with 2,900 troops from province 14 (leaving 100 in province 14) (loss tolerance 2,500) and province 53 with 2,800 tropps from provinces 52 and 40 (leaving 100 in each province) (loss tolerance 2,000).
    • Province 28 is taken with the remaining 2,800 soldiers occupying it. Province 53 is taken with the remaining 1,500 soldiers occupying it.
  • Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa: Ꮙäאigmälu ShЇןpᎤjᎡᏬ YЪਗ'Ꭽk'@ЏЏЏl'q'l-ﭏg'ääää'F of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa from ꙂâЄäѺqääখq'PঙqЧ-ӼޏfᎭ in the name of Ꮙäאigmälu L000gäѺq'juuᏓאigpäät of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa declares the Q@MᏕᏈbalz's of GuuuhguhᏓ-ä-Ӽ c@'lupperocratistically shall fulfill ᏔaᏓᏐᎬᏒ via Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa attacking LЪᎤäไâäЏאiääไ'lᎭk'אӼ-guhguhguh (Province 194) with 3,000 JษЏlärs (soldiers), while also 2,500 JษЏlärs attack Lq'jg@ᏕᏈਗЇᎡ (Province 197), while also 2,500 JษЏlärs attack אipไäguhᏓ (Province 203). Such is according to Ꮙäאigmälu ShЇןpᎤjᎡᏬ YЪਗ'Ꭽk'@ЏЏЏl'q'l-ﭏg'ääää'F of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa from ꙂâЄäѺqääখq'PঙqЧ-ӼޏfᎭ in the name of Ꮙäאigmälu L000gäѺq'juuᏓאigpäät of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa and the Q@MᏕᏈbalz's of GuuuhguhᏓ-ä-Ӽ!
    • Province 194 is taken with 800 soldiers remaining to garrison the province. Province 197 is taken with 2,300 remaining soldiers to garrison the province. Province 203 is taken with 2,000 soldiers remaining to garrison the province.
  • Republic of Charinias: A normal day on the small republic of Charinia. Nothing of major importance happens,but the mortality rate decreases on a 7% thanks to the improvements over public services regarding healh on multiple cities around the country.
    • Iron Bank: The Iron Bank approaches Charinias with a trade offer, asking to purchase 5,000 soldiers in exchange for 500 ferra. Accepting this offer will also increase Charinias' credit score and will come with a one year guarantee to purchase the soldiers back at a discounted rate.

"**Charinias Diplomacy: Trade accepted"

  • Magnesian State of Mysia: Many years ago was the dark day of the Gigacaust, when Aboriginal race was devastated by White Extremists. You realize 60 million Australians were victim of genocide right? That is why there was The Great Council, when world nations of globe decide the Aboriginals must be granted a homeland. Enter Mysia, land of ancient Australians. Now then, Mysia has become a Magnesian state and follows the teachings of Simon the Great and Maximilian Couture the Spectacular, who the people communicate to via telegraphophonic projection using metal wires. He communicates that revenge is coming to Whites. Weapons must be created in the form of magic airship dropping bombs across the Straits of Satan. Many people die, as Officilar-Seer Vélar Cochléaria orders that non-Magnesopeoples be wiped out. You realize this means Whites will be exterminated right? But first the Great He decided to unite Zincmacjonc (The fabled land of tuberous peas described by Enoch in a holy book or two, Which has descrubed Anatolia in the Prophet-Speak of the Great He). Ahem, 1700 people attacked 319 318, and 1700 people attacked 332, and 1700 people attacked 333, and 1800 people attacked 316.
    • Province 318 (Note, I believe because of labeling confusion you meant 318 instead of 319) is taken with 900 soldiers remaining to garrison the province. Province 332 is taken with 800 soldiers remaining to garrison the province. Province 333 is taken with 300 soldiers remaining to garrison the province. Province 316 is taken with 1,200 soldiers remaining to garrison the province.
  • Magnesian State of Australia: The Imperial Prophet of the Magnesians, Ambassador of the Standing One, Prophet of Rome, Archprophet of Australia, Prince of the Princes of God, Heir of the Empire of the Universe, resides in a modest villa on the shores of Dandiri. Although he continues the traditional claim as the rightful ruler of the Roman Empire, the Imperial Prophets over time have grown accostomed to a more modest lifestyle, reflecting the Standing One's teachings towards subtlty and subterfuge. Indeed, it is a very unusual situation the Magnesians have found themselves now, being the soverign rulers of their own nation for the first time in their history, instead of working from the shadows. Nonetheless, it is doable enough for a thriving society. Members of society who loudly project their affluence, and bless the church with the most overtly hedonistic lifestyle, are publicly honored and praised as model believers, showing only the most selfishness and greed as the Standing One would approve. The churches themselves publicly mock and derride the impoverished and infirmed for this same reason, and local Prophets of each metropolitan take in in the confessions of believers for their sins of charity. The greatest examples to society of this hedonism is shown by the Prince-Monks, who are given the largest mansions and most expensive, comfortable new clothes to show off their affluence before God. It is also these Prince-Monks that are the greatest pioneers of science for the state, as the Gnostic philosophy of the Standing One is based on the knowledge of the physical world first and foremost. Publicly sharing the gospel or any kind of public preaching is greatly frowned upon by the Simonions, but instead the Imperial Prophet dispatches a series of spies into the Island of New Caledonia to secretly share the wonders and promises of the Standing one to the people of Algeorgia (Draf RESPONSE). Along this same doctrine of secrecy and subtlety, the exact finances and assets of the Church are also kept a closely-guarded secret. The Imperial Prophet says to his court, the Cyanittica, that he feels no sympathy for the Aboriginal people who were killed before the Magnesians came to Australia. After all, if they were so weak and cowardly to allow their state to be killed, why should we care? But nonetheless, it is in the spirit of the Standing One's fearful memory that both deception and manipulation is used for the spread of the Gospel. So the Prophet reaches out to the Magnesians of Mysia, telling them that the time has come to reak terrible vengence on the white people, and to reclaim control over the lands of the Roman Empire in the name of the all-powerful One Who Stands, Simon Magus. In terms of military, a total of 1,000 Responditors are kept in each of the five provinces to keep a tight control of the population, rooting out possible acts of heresy. While a force of 3,000 troops are sent to subjugate the lands of Province 789 (ALGO REQUEST).
    • Province 789 is captured with the remaining 2,700 soldiers occupying the province.
  • Greater Empire of Singapore: With the recent victory over the nations of Sumatra Provinces, Viet Provinces and Malaysian Provinces, Grand Emperor Jov fortifies his lands in Province 766, to protect them against any Thomasian Incursion. 2,900 troops attack the province of 772, all will tolerate the loss of 1,000 troops. Another force of 1,500 push north into Province 610, and will tolerate the loss of 800 troops. (TWO ALGOS) The Malaysian Provinces are cut off from their Sumatran Allies, and new trade advancements allow Singapore to control trade through the Malaccan Straits, giving the nation Extra Revenue.
    • The attack against province 772 is unsuccessful, with the remaining 1,900 soldiers retreating, while the defenders retain 400 soldiers. The attack against province 610 is unsuccessful, with the remaining 700 soldiers retreating, while the defenders retain 400 soldiers.

Turn 2

You are all off to an excellent start in developing out the world. Keep it up! The fun has only just begun.

As you are all still plebs who don't even have more than the minimum provinces yet, every player gets an additional 3,000 troops this turn.

Say congradulations to T0oxi for being the first player to unite an entire region and a continent! You get an additional 1,000 troops this turn. Don't spend it all in one place.

We now have 26 players, 16 active players, covering a total of 146 provinces and having a total of 258,000 troops.

The capture of Constantinople by the Mysians sends an alarm throughout the rest of Europe, particularly in Austria and Frankokratia. The Mysians may prove to be as much of a threat as the more ancient Ottomans were.

The Isle of Man sees significant flooding this year during the summer, which destroys dozens of homes near the coast, killing 75 people.

  • Provinces 335, 336, 337, 320, and 321 is ruled by the remnant Ottoman Empire. Having collapsed in the "Great Turkish War" in the 17th century, it has slowly been consolidating power in eastern Anatolia for a better opportunity to expand towards Europe again. At this present time, with the ongoing chaos in the Middle East and the rise of the Mysians, they are remaining comfortably on the defensive.
  • Greater Empire of Singapore: Unfazed by the loss, 800 troops join the 1,900 troops to attack Province 772 again. 1,000 troops join the 700 troops to attack 610 again. We will tolerate any losses. Meanwhile, Emperor Jov plans another attack on Province 657, to destroy the last forms of resistance on Sumatra. 2,800 troops march into Province 757, and we will take 2000 casualties. (3 ALGOS). As the empire settles down, a celebration cry rings through the air. As more money is put into repairing famous attractions, Small trading barges sail up and down the south china sea, trading with our allies the Congo provinces.
    • Battle of Samarinda lasts 4 days, and province 772 is conquered by Singapore. 2,400 troops occupy the region, leaving 100 back in Province 766.
    • Battle of Kedah lasts 5 days, and province 610 falls to Singapore. 800 troops occupy the region, leaving 100 back in Province 611.
    • Battle of Jambi lasts 8 days, and province 757 falls to Singapore. 1,900 troops occupy the region, leaving 100 back in Province 756.
  • Siberian Republic: The acid and bleach industries are developed in Kemerovo. The 3,000 new troops are divided up with 1,000 going to our province 455, 1,000 going to our province 441, and 1,000 going to province 453. We invade province 452 simultaneously on 2 fronts at the same time. Algo needed: Province 441 invades province 452 with 2,100 troops and they will suffer up to 1,100 dead before retreating (there is a total of 3,000 troops in the province). Algo needed: Province 453 invades province 452 with 2,100 troops and they will suffer up to 1,100 dead before retreating (there is a total of 3,000 troops in the province).
    • The attack by Province 441 is unsuccessful, leaving 2,900 troops in the region. The attack by Province 453 is successful, and Province 452 falls to Siberia. 1,100 troops occupy the region, leaving 900 troops in Province 453. The whole campaign lasts 16 days.
  • Magnesian State of Australia: The Imperial Prophet makes some institutionanl reforms, for improving both the economy and infrastructure for the state. The local Archprophets assume direct control over each metropolitan area of the state, which report back to the council of the Cyanattica back in Dandiri. The laws of the Magnesians are strictly based in legalism, where social conformity is enforced by a set of lucrative rewards as well as harsh punishements. As infrastructure and cities expand into the frontiers of Australia, the Magnesians encourage economic growth by promoting exploitation of others, paritcularly people who are poorer or weaker. Although there is no racial discriminiation in the state, this culture often ends up being at the expense of the Aboriginal people, who are further marginalized from the Australia frontiers. The Imperial Prophet reports to their ally, the Mysians, all the plights and misery of the Aboriginals, but carefully frames it as the fault of the Non-Magnesian white men who should be destroyed. More covert efforts are done to send spies into Algeorgia, secretly reaching out to people for spreading the Gospel of Simon Magus throughout Oceania. An alliance is extended to the Technocracy of Antarctica, to foster our shared appreciation for secret knowledge. I terms of military, 1,700 troops are placed in Tasmania (Province 794), increasing its total count to 2,700 troops. A total of 3,000 troops are sent to conquer province 788, to unite Australia (ALGO REQUEST).
    • Province 788 is successfully taken, with 300 soldiers remaining to occupy the province. 
  • Frankokratia: King John VII, ever the loyal Christian, is extremely distraught to hear of Constantinople's fall to the Mysians. In the court of Athènes, many begin to question the King's wisdom - but others are inspired to enlist and join the military to fight Mysia. The crusade, called last year by the Patriarch, remains in place and John VII is in command of 9,100 men. John VII, upon hearing of Mysia's pursuit of genocide, reaches out to Israel to request some support to prevent the murder of many people (given that nation's history of escaping persecution and genocide) (Player Response). John VII also extends his hand of friendship to Austria, asking for support against Mysia. (Player Response). Of these soldiers, 4,000 plus any Austria and Israel sends are sent to take Constantinople from Mysia (with its garrison of 1,200 men). The remainder are held in reserve for now, across the provinces in various amounts (ALGO). Meanwhile, domestically efforts are made to reintegrate Thrace and Crete into Frankokratia. These first states, which had a rich history under Greek (and to a limited extent, Frankish) rule, begin to be integrated with relative ease. Industry continues to pick up in Athens and Thessalonica, while other parts of the kingdom grow uncomfortable at the existence of the Mysians.
    • Israel: We send 1,000 troops to join your army in Constantinople.
    • Austrian Empire: The Empire agrees to join the Crusade and sends 1,500 troops.
    • Sorry, can't do anything when you don't border
    • After a siege of 43 days, Constantinople is relieved by the armies of the Mysians that forces the Franks to retreat, leaving 100 troops in Thrace. Constantinople takes significant losses of their own, however, and is left with 3,300 troops
    • After deliberating among the mods, we are only allowing allies to send troops to a battle where they border the province being attacked
  • Israel: After taking over Cyprus our military sets up ports around the island so we can do trade and rebuild the area up. New temples are made on the island so we can spread our religion of Judaism to new areas and grow larger and become a dominant religion. Thanks to getting word from King John himself of the Frankokratia nation for sending word that Mysia wants to pursuit a genocide of the Jewish people. We are now allied with a new friend the nation of Frankokratia so we can take out any threat in the Muslim surrounding areas. As a strong nation we start to move our military to become stronger. The military send 1,000 troops to 333 to invade the area. 1,500 troops are sent to 624 for invasion. Both 339 and 340 get 1,500 troops each for an invasion attack on them. (Algo Needed) Our factories are finding ways to mass produce all kinds of products faster from military technology to everyday house hold items so that we can get products faster out into the public. We continue to have another decent year in the agriculture industry with normal numbers across the board for growth and sales.  
    • Battle of Alexandria ends in a defeat for Israel, and 100 troops retreats back to Province 625. Province 624 now has 100 troops left
    • Battle of Antioch ends in a defeat for Israel, and 100 troops retreats back to Province 341. Province 339 now has 500 troops left
    • Battle of Palmyra ends in a victory for Israel, and occupies Province 340 with 900 troops
    • [Assume you meant Province 334 because you don't border Province 333] Battle of Phasalis ends in a defeat for Israel, and 100 troops retreats back to Cyprus (Province 338). Province 334 now has 500 troops left
  • Maravi Ascendancy: Following the successful campaigns of last year Jelani of House Obinyola continues his campaign of expansion aiming for an ambitious expansion of three regions. 2,900 troops are dispatched to assault the province 734 with another 2,900 being directed at province 703. A final force of 2,700 attacking province 699 (Algos Needed). With new acquisition of the new territories in the prior year, House Azekiwe has begun efforts to exploit the available resources in the new regions with its resources being directed towards roads and infrastructure for natural resources. House Ezekwasili has started efforts in coordination with House Yar’adua to develop other infrastructure not within Azekiwe’s scope of responsibility. House Mbanefo due to lack of defense corps has dispatched its household phalange to provide security over the region until a large enough defense unit can be assembled to take over the responsibility of maintain law and order in the new regions. King Chinira Iweala has granted Zane Okpara a position within the nobility due to his actions in the initial campaigns leading to the creation of House Okpara. In an effort to centralize the finances of the Ascendancy, House Ezekwasili has petitioned the council backed by numerous smaller houses for the creation of a bank under the control of the Ruling Families that can issue banknotes. House Azekiwe concerned that their jurisdiction is being impeded on votes against and declares that it violates their control over the commerce system of the Ascendancy. Understanding the need for such an institution but concerned about the power that it would grant to House Ezekwasili, the ruling families agree to permit the creation of said bank but split up its shares with 30% going to House Azekiwe and 8% to the other ruling families. The remaining 30% of shares is sold off to private citizens and nobles in auctions.
    • After fighting 12 days, Province 699 falls to Maravi at the Battle of Karagwa. The region is now occupied with 1,400 troops
    • The Sultan of Zanzibar surrenders to Maravi after a battle of 5 days, suffering Maravi no casualties. Province 703 is now occupied with 2,900 troops
    • The Battle of Antivideo lasts 12 days, and Province 734 falls to Maravi. The region is now occupiued with 1,600 troops
  • Thomasia: With our conquest of Province 771 failing, Nathan descends into a deep depression. For the first time in his life, Nathan drinks beer, which adds a growing beer belly to his otherwise lanky frame. This year, Nathan's beloved cat, Landrew, gave birth to a litter of seven kittens. However, a Magnesian by the name of Nelrim sodomized the little creature with an iron condom. In his fury, Nathan has Nelrim amputated. He is then dunked into a pool of excrement, and then thrown into a pit to be fed upon by pigs. However, Nathan's encounters with the non-Christians do not stop there. One time, a Hindu merchant came to his court, with his beloved cow, Ladesh. The Hindu and the Elder-President had a friendly exchange - they talked about each other's national cuisines, and the Elder-President even praised the Hindu's attire and hoped to get a gift of fine silk on the Hindu's next visit. Things turned for the worst when the Hindu introduced Ladesh to Nathan and his Ministers - Nathan was perplexed as to why the Hindu did not eat beef, after all, isn't beef the most succulent and flavorsome of meats? To him, it seemed like a waste that such a voluptuous and well-formed cow like Ladesh has yet to be slaughtered. The Hindu then asked for permission to leave the Court. Interested as to where exactly in the Indies he is from, Nathan inquires him as to where is headed to. The Hindu replied, "we are going to Bangladesh." Nathan was confused - and he could feel his anger boiling. "Bang Ladesh? Oh, how I wish I had not discovered you have partook in the grave sin of bestiality!" Before the Hindu can explain, Nathan told his guardsmen to pin him to the ground. The Elder-President approached the Hindu, and bent so his mouth is at the Hindu's ear, and said, "if you repent and yield the cow to me, you will be spared from Hell!" Naturally, the Hindu refused and in an act of defiance, defenestrated himself - plummeting three stories to his death. Nathan was shaken by what had happened, and believed the Hindu must be an agent of the Devil. Fearful for his safety, Nathan ran as quickly as he can to his sleeping chambers, being followed by his maid-servants. The Head Maidservant, Callie, asked the Elder-President why he was crying, to which Nathan responded with "the Hindu is not Christian! He's tampering into dark-sided stuff... YES, YES. EVEN the COW is darksided!" He then started ripping the cow with his bare hands, saying while doing so, "this is tainted - I don't want it. Whatever it is the Pagan has given me, I have given it up to GOD, I am the GOD WARRIOR - and I don't want SOMEONE, with TAINTED beliefs... doing anything with my COUNTRY!" Nathan then shut the door - causing Callie to fall down the flight of stairs nearby, but Nathan does not care. Anyways, the all-merciful and perpetually-just Elder-President continues his merciful and just works. He orders the conquest of Province 771 again with 1,000 people (tolerating the loss of 90% of them), and 766 with 6,000 people (tolerating the loss of 90% of them).
    • The Second Battle of Kutei is a success, and Province 771 is conquered by Thomasia, leaving 800 troops occupying it
    • The Battle of Pontianak lasts one day, and the Singapore forces are destroyed by the Thomasians. Province 766 is now occupied by 5,900 troops
  • Austrian Empire: After the success in Venice, the Empire is triumphant and plans another invasion deeper in Italy. Austrian Empire sends 3,000 troops to Lombardy aka province 262 to conquer it. (Algo needed) Austria also sends 3,000 to Bavaria aka province 259. (Algo needed)
    • The Battle of Milano is a success after 10 days, and Province 262 falls to Austria. The region is now occupied by 2,000 troops
    • The Battle of Munich is a success after 6 days, and Province 259 is now occupied by 2,800 troops
  • Kingdom of Libertalia:The kingdom of Libertalia is a kingdom located in the frozen wasteland of Vinland, here people wear fur coats all year long and use spears to hunt mammoths and sable toothed tigers.The capital Rosebud is located in Alaska,where the royal palace lies,the royal palace is surrounded by a huge wall and a drawbridge with a moat full of ice cold water.Inside these walls,only the ruling novelists are allowed, that's why it appears deserted most of the times.The king acts only as a figurehead and the real power lies on the wise novelists who rules the nation.Today they all gathered to aorder an attack with 2000 men on province 4 with a max casualty rate of 1500,(ALGO REQURED)
    • The invasion of Nunavut is a success, and Province 4 is now occupied with 700 troops. 
  • Magnesian State of Mysia: Magnesian State of Mysia: We do as Maximilian commanded us. The entire army aside from 100 people per province is moved to "Constantiniple". We reach out to the Iron Bank asking to buy 5,000 soldiers. You realize Frankonia is randomly attacking us for no reason right? Why did they invade the peaceful state of Mysia.
  • Kingdom of Hourglassea: Another, very normal day in the Kingdom of Hourglassea passed by. Birds hovered, alert to the distant musings of the recent glaze. In the Royal Palace, birds circled overhead, while outside in the throneroom, the King and his subjects were having a small party. "Well, my subjects," King Wilbur declared, "I am very glad with our recent success in Kent. Hengist and Horsa won't be troubling us again!" He laughed at his own amusing yet obscure historical reference. "I suggest we move onto the threat of Province 185." "Don't forget Province 186," added the Chief General, General Cain Herman. "I am not forgetting," the King said, "you, sir, are a lying dog-face pony soldier." The General shrivelled under his Majesty's withering glare. "We shall indeed, take Province 186, too. I notice a substantial lack of Militarized Wilburism in it, and that will never do. I suggest we take both provinces." "Good idea, your Majesty," applauded Mary Bore, the Prime Minister. And so it was that the great and holy Wilburist Alliance, made solely up of the Kingdom of Hourglassea, advanced on Provinces 185 and 186. We attack Province 185 with 2900 soldiers, while another 2,900 journey to Province 186. A loss tolerance of 2000 exists for each invasion.
    • After a battle of 9 days, province 185 falls to Hourglassea. 1,900 troops remain occupying the region.
    • The Siege of Devon is surprisingly brutal, but ultimately province 186 falls to Hourglassea after 15 days. 900 troops are left to occupy the region.
  • Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa: Ꮙäאigmälu ShЇןpᎤjᎡᏬ YЪਗ'Ꭽk'@ЏЏЏl'q'l-ﭏg'ääää'F of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa from ꙂâЄäѺqääখq'PঙqЧ-ӼޏfᎭ in the name of Ꮙäאigmälu L000gäѺq'juuᏓאigpäät of Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa declares the Q@MᏕᏈbalz's of GuuuhguhᏓ-ä-Ӽ c@'lupperocratistically shall fulfill ᏔaᏓᏐᎬᏒ via Jääʹmไâää'ษבְa attacking Province 193 with 2,900 soldiers, 198 with 2,900 soldiers, and 202 with 2,900 soldiers. '
    • The invasion of Province 193 is successful with 1,700 soldiers occupying the province. The invasion of Province 198 is successful with 1,600 soldiers occupying the province. The invasion of Province 202 is successful with 1,400 soldiers occupying the province. 
  • UCNC: Invades provinces 15, 41, and 54 with 2,966 troops each, leaving 100 troops in each remaining province, except for province 51, which contains 102. Loss tolerance is 2,000 for each invasion.
    • The invasion of Province 15 is successful with 2,166 soldiers remaining. The invasion of 41 is successful with 1,766 soldiers remaining. The invasion of province 54 is successful with 1,766 soldiers remaining. 
  • Northern Viets: We now invade province 578 and 579 with 300 troops for each region. Leaving 100 troops for each provinces.
    • Both attacks end in defeat, with 200 defenders remaining in Province 578, and 300 defenders remaining in province 579. 
  • Antarctica: Huh? Tasmania is invaded with 5,000 soldiers. The rest of the army is in eastern Antarctica formally called Crucian Tribes.
    • The Invasion of Tasmnia is successful with 4,100 soldiers remaining to occupy the province. 
  • Millerite Republic of the Great Lakes: The Lord has followed His people to victory. Reassured by His ever present hand and guidance, the Republic is abuzz and merry as missionary work commences in newly captured Indiana. President Verdun received a vision one night that bore great similarity to the prophet Daniel. He witnessed fearsome beasts that were obliterated by a fiery meteor which descended from the heavens. When he stirred from his sleep, he wrote down his dreams and later presented it before his congregation-nation. He and the church elders interpreted it as God's command to continue the holy war against Babylon. The Church Treasury also seeks to improve its credit score with the Iron Bank as it owns a number of shares in the Bank's investments in the Isle of Man. President Verdun commands 2,000 troops each to invade Provinces 32 (Illinois) and 34 (Ohio) respectively, and is willing to allow up to 80% losses for both respectively.
    • Province 32 is taken with 1,200 soldiers remaining. Province 34 is taken with 500 soldiers remaining. 
  • Iron Bank: The Bank takes note of the outbreak of war between Mysia and Frankokratia, and seeks to make a profit off the conflict. It is estimated that Frankokratia is more wealthy in assets, with an estimated 630 ferra in its account, and the Iron Bank hopes to make an arrangement with one of the sides. Meanwhile an agreement is sent to Australia. Australia is to owe 5,500 Ferra, including a 500 Ferra upfront payment, which will be paid off yearly through a yearly minimum payment of 20 Ferra and 500 soldiers until the entire sum is paid. Debt will incurr a 1% annual interest. Australia will sell a 35% equity in its GDP to the Iron Bank at its current fixed going rate. Australia will receive 5,000 soldiers for a guaranteed minimum of 3 years, in which 50 Ferra maintainence will be paid until at least 3,500 soldiers have been returned (independent of annual debt payment). (Australia response needed) The Iron Bank asks to buy another 5,000 soldiers from Charinias for 500 Ferra. (Charinias response needed)
    • The Australian Magnesians accept the deal
  • Chautamvun (Tri-Province Area): With the agriculture increasing due to Phung's numerous policies, he began on making plans to develop the industry of the country. Chautamvun happens to be having just a few brilliant scientists: Baljug, Phat - Phung's brother, and Phung himself. The Tri-Province Area also have numerous resources needed for the Industrial Revolution to take place. Emperor Phung uses manpower to exploit resources. This year, multiple factories are built, a port is constructed in OTL Yantai for exports of our products. In the Suth, seeing the Bach Viet growing, Emperor Phung dispatches envoys to make better relations, having seen threats from Doofania in the north. (Viet Response) Meanwhile, Cangdit had a conversation with her brother, Phung, and forced him to give her full control over the army. He couldn't say no, because he loves his sister and moreover, she had more influence in Chautamvun than Phung himself, having commanded the army to liberate Chautamvun; and she threatens to tell their mother that he was misbehaving. So, Cangdit seeks to invade Provinces 505 and 509 to expand Chautamvun's borders in light of the Industrial Revolution's needs and the need to increase the country's boundaries and strength. She orders Isabel to command the Firestorm unit with 1,000 to invade 509 while she commands 2,000 to invade 505. (Algo Needed).
  • After a battle of 9 days, the army retreats back to province 507 with 100 troops, leaving province 509 with 100 troops. The defeated army reports back to Cangdit something about a "Risk-inator"
  •  After a battle of 9 days, province 505 falls to Chautamvun. 1,200 troops now occupy the region

Turn 3

Things sure are heating up surprisingly fast! Only 20% of the total provinces are claimed, yet we already have three player v player wars kicking off. Cry 'havoc!' let slip the dogs of war!

The three wars going on at this point are the Franko-Mysian War over the Hellespont, the Thoma-Singapore War over Borneo, and the Antarctic invasion of Australia. A dark day for the Magnesians, indeed.

Everyone gets 3,000 troops, except for T0oxi who gest 4,000 troops.

The Ottoman Empire reaches out to Frankokratia, if they are interested in a temporary alliance against a common enemy.

People in Chautamvun have issues coming to grips with the fact they are now a "four-province area".

We now have 28 players and 18 active players, spanning 171 provinces. Altogether, the combined armies amount to over 300,000 troops.

  • Province 172, 173, 174, 175, and 176 are the remnant United Kingdom. Having collapsed in recent years from the catastrophes in the south, the lands in Scotland and northern England have slowly consolidated back into a single nation, with its capital in Yorkshire. This was the government responsible for reorganizing the colonies of South America into the Union of Patagonia, which borders the former Andalusian colony of Charinia. Religion: Anglicanism.
  • Chautamvun (Tri-Province Area): The retreating army along with Cangdit retreats back to Bustdan. Phung is extremely mad and yells at Cangdit as General Boofgard comments: “I told her to not make him angry. You would not like him when he’s angry.” However, they quickly reconciled after a few weeks as Phung is a man of his family and thus have to forgive his family members even though how much of a mistake they have make. However, Phung suggests to Cangdit to talk to him and the court about whatever she’s willing to do with the army in the future. But Cangdit hasn’t abandoned her dreams of conquering 505 and more as she believes the land is in an extremely important position. Meanwhile, having won in 509, Phineas rewards Isabel with what he calls “the best night ever”. Province 509 is merged with 507 administratively and domestically, to not make the people panic; this shall not affect the in-game administrative divisions. But having known about the Risk-inator in 505, Phung figures out that this must related to Duphahan in some way. Vanessassary and Charlene must have some connection to the province. Spies of AOCA, the number one agency in Chautamvun are sent to 505 to gather information. Industry are still expanding as we export our products to the world. Phat has invented the first steam-powered engine as this is expected to boost the railway transportation of the country to transport products. (more to come)
  • Greater Empire of Singapore: Surprised and shocked at the audacity of the Thomasian government for declaring war and attacking our rightful province, all available troops come to defend Province 757, the only available entrance to our mainland, which will increase our force numbers to 3,100. Meanwhile, 3,000 troops join the 2,400 troops in Samarinda, making a total of 5,400. We buy 3,000 troops from the Iron Bank, and these will be put in Province 772. IRON BANK CONFIRMATION. With a total of 11,500 troops, we attack the West Sarawak Province of 766, and we also employ the use of Sabotage to attempt to block enemy Supply routes. (ALGO) (RNG?) New forces are trained in Singapore, as new information technology allows communication to be more efficient and quick. We block all trade routes through the Malaccan and Javan Straits to Thomasia as an act of brutal starvation policies. Several smaller trade barges move upwards up the Chinese Coast in search of new potential trading partners, which they find in the Gold coloured nation on what was once Hainan Island. We propose a trade deal, in which we could negotiate the deal at a later time.
  • Siberian Republic:: We integrate Province 452 after conquering it last turn. The stone cutting and gravel industry are developed in Kemerovo and Tobolsk. Street lighting and telephones are improved in the capital, Omsk (in Province 422). The defense ministry debate over weather strategy focuses on the former Central Siberia, Kazakhstan and\or the Taymyr Peninsula. The 3,000 new troops are divided up with 1,000 going to our province 453, 1,000 going to our province 441, and 1,000 going to our province 452.
  • Northern Viets: We decided to send 1,000 troops to invade province 579.
    • After a battle of 5 days, Province 579 falls to the Viet tribes. It is now occupied by 400 troops.
  • Maravi Ascendancy: Maravi expansion continues under the direction Jelani of House Obinyola. The 8,600 men allowed to him are divided into groups comprised of 2,900 men each and launch assaults on provinces 698, 700, and 701 which is attacked by a unit of 2,800 (Algos Needed). The growing influence for Obinyola due to their control over Maravi expansion raises many concerns within the other Ruling Families prompting them to request that troops within their Household Phalanges accompany and assist military forces in their conquest to ensure that no questionable activities are undertaken by Obinyola away from their sight. The Judiciary also begins to attach observers to military expeditions as a precaution to prevent any disruption of the balance of powers between the Ruling Families at the request of King Zuberi of the Royal House Ironsi. Efforts begin in recently acquired territories to include them in the Parliament which oversees the more trivial matters for the Ruling Families within the Ascendancy and also to see the appointment of regional governors to serve as members of the Cabinet. Infrastructure within new territories continued to expand and develop under the oversight of the Houses tasked with such matters. The development of new regions leads to the influx of those from the Maravi original territories to move out and settle in these regions. In an attempt to balance out the power within the nobility by dispersing among newly incorporated regions, House Ironsi begins the mass elevation of suitable candidates for the nobility within these new regions with the primary concerns for those considered for elevation being financial stability, trustworthiness, prestige, and cooperation. At the behest of multiple noble families, the Judiciary has launched an investigation into the current schooling in place and being overseen by House Yar’Adua due to their claims of false information being taught. It is concluded that House Yar’adua behaves itself properly in overseeing education and that the accusations were attempts to their prestige with severe compensation being demanded by House Yar’adua for this failed ploy.
    • After a battle of 12 days, Province 698 falls to the Maravi, and is now occupied by 1,500 troops.
    • After a battle of 10 days, Province 700 falls to the Maravi, and is now occupied by 1,900 troops.
    • After a battle of 14 days, Province 701 falls to the Maravi, and is now occupied by 1,100 troops.
  • Magnesian State of Australia: With the fall of Tasmania to the Technocracy of Antarctica, the Imperial Prophet declares this a dire emergency for all the Magnesian people. After having worked so hard for their independent, public state for these generations, they will not back down to annexation so easily. Furthermore, the Magnesians are completely taken off-guard, that the rationalist Technocracy would be so hostile against a gnostic state. The Imperial Prophet sends ambassadors to Antarctica, petitioning to arrange a peace deal with their leaders. If Antarctica pulls out all their troops from Tasmania now, save the minimum 100 troops, and allows the Magnesians to annex it, then we will not press on against the Antarctic homeland. We would like to send the embassy directly to the capital to discuss these details further. Failing this olive branch, the Magnesians raise 7,800 troops in Victoria, in addition to the 4,000 troops purchased from the Iron Bank, and proceeds with the reclamation of Tasmania across the strait (algo).
  • CSA: Province 47, 58, 63, 62 and 64 are the newly reborn Confederacy and they had two factions. The Unionist wants to reunited all the former United United States territory and reformed the United States. While the Dixies wants to united the southern states and keep the Southern nation of the Confederacy alive. Religion: Freedom of Relgion.
  • UCNC: Invades provinces 16, 29, 42, and 55 with 2100 troops each (loss tolerance 2000) [ALGO NEEDED]. Each remaining UCNC province houses 100 troops. Jeff Bezos continues his purge of the Microsoft heretics, and 3 more are sacrificed this year at the tomb of Jobs. Amazon prime prepares to implement 2 second delivery to any location on earth.
    • The Battle of Helena lasts 9 days, and Montana (Province 16) falls to California. It is occupied by 1,300 troops
    • The Battle of Denver lasts 7 days, and Colorado (Province 42) falls to California. It is occupied by 1,700 troops
    • The Battle of Cheyenne lasts 10 days, and Wyoming (Province 29) falls to California. It is occupied by 1,000 troops
    • The Battle of the Alamo lasts 14 days, and after a brutal siege Texas (Province 55) surrenders to California. 300 troops are left to occupy the province
  • The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Monkoserbgaria of the Great Wall and the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází and of the Shrine of Baháʼu'lláh: The Head Knight-general of the Great Wall declares it's time for the Great Ranging, and so sends 5,000 knights to take Province 303 in the name of pacifying the wildling Balkan tribes that have threatened the stability of the Great Wall and of Europe.
    • The Battle of Paphlagonia lasts 7 days, and ends in a victory. Province 303 is occupied with 4,600 troops
  • Austrian Empire: After the Empire's success in all the campaigns so far, the Emperor is confident that the Empire is undefeatable. He plans to unite Central Europe and make Vienna the most influential city in the World. He also wants to be crowned in Rome, the holiest city. Austria invades Piedmont aka province 235 with 3,200 troops. (Algo needed) The Empire also puts 1,000 troops to each province.
    • The Battle of Turin lasts 7 days, and Province 235 falls to Austria, leaving 2,800 troops to occupy it
  • Millerite Republic of the Great Lakes: Pleased with the pacification of Illinois and Ohio, the Millerites rested on the seventh-day Sabbath to give thanksgiving to the Lord and to receive His blessings. Hymns are sung, communion is taken, feet are washed, Bibles are read, and potlucks commence. Every citizen receives a parcel of vegetarian haystacks and free, brand new editions of Steps to Christ and the Great Controversy by Sister Ellen G. White, as authorized by the Sabbatarian Adventist Church of God. During that joyous Sabbath day, the mood of the nation radiated and the citizens were deeply grateful for the sacrifice put in by their beloved brothers in Christ on the front lines in the frontier provinces. However, the emergence of the revived Confederacy deeply troubled them. May God convict them of their hearts for they have erred from the Truth. The legacy of slavery in the South is detestable and morally apprehensible to the Church. Seeking to establish a buffer zone between the Church's core territories and the repugnant slavery fetishists, the General Conference of Sabbatarian Adventist Church of God ordered the invasion of Provinces 45 and 46 with 2,000 troops each, and a loss tolerance of 1,900 each. (Algo Needed) In preparation for the great war, the Church's treasury reaches out to the Iron Bank to inquire the purchase of 3,000 troops for the market price offered. (Iron Bank response needed)
  • Al-gharb: The kingdom plan out mordernizing and improving so far, the territory continue to expand toward the north and it's being controlled whoever the bridge is finally establish for many europeans the Goverments gharbians raise more power and money a new technology it's being developed btw the agriculture is doing well a new order law's is being establish and approved by the constituals they start to evolving and upgrading the military's power a system it's being made with dukes overuling the provinces to the respectively via to the kingdom' a large of cotton it's explored and found in the mines so the worker continue agricoling and improving the nations overall the western it's increasly very good due to the ecomony the power rise more these day at the Duke of Pamplona they desire to work with them' and threat commerce trades's relationships it is part of the duke's gharb system now the ecomonist suggest that some strategy that can improve the nation and mordernization may help by agriculturing and gain more stuff so the king itself accept at this own accord the goverments estimate to control the duke's position for protections and a law protection it's made by Amar more stuff is producted and boost yet we raise more ships and continue expands our stuff thus,by far the cities are ready to be mordenized on resultal and more community's religion will be establish under the religions protocols federal (RPF) run by arthur more merchant is coming and the market city are a key of ecomony anyways the christians religion it's considering as a second and official next to islam and judaism they are both a religion welcomed and a cathedrall it's being constructed by the frenchs with the help of the arabs and being to co-existing together the military continue throught expands and the armory it's being held developing by the help of technology so,it's continue more to expand.
  • Kingdom of Libertalia: After a reign of nearly 86 years,king Oscar II Wilde passes away in his sleep which riggers some of the most confusing and complicated succesions in world history.When the monarch of Libertalia dies,the eldest and the wisest men(in this case lord Byron) announces to the people that a novelist conclave has begun.The novelist conclave begins by all three (of five) novelists sitting down in the conclave chamber and reading their newest book,this goes on untill all three are in agreement whose book is the best,and that person is elected this case it is Lordy Byron I.He appoints Edgar allan Poe and jules Verne as tvo more novelists.Novelist leader Edgar Allan Peo orders an attack with 3000 mean aka 1500 each on province 438 and 813 with a max casulty rate of 2700 (2 ALGOS REQUIRED)
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