Robert Cummings
Timeline: Puget Sound-1

Music robZombie 02
Portrait of Robert Cummings

Born January 12, 1965,
Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA
Died n/a
Profession Motorcycle stuntman.

Robert "Zombie" Cummings is a world renowned Motorcycle stuntman. He began his career on January 12, 1985, with jumping a box of rattlesnakes and two mountain lions. After this successful stunt, He began to perform even more dangerous stunts. His first of several disastrous stunts began when his motorcycle slipped during a jump and landed on him. To date he has broken every bone in his body twice, about 34% of his bones are supported by metal rods or plates, while several bones have been replaced. He has been declared legally dead twice, only to regain breathing. Despite these numerous injuries and near-death experiences, he continues to perform.

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