Alternative History
Robert E Lee
Order: 19th Consul
Term of Office: January 1, 1870 - December 31, 1873
Predecessor: Friedrich Müller
Date of birth: January 19, 1807
Date of death: March 5, 1875
Place of birth: Stratford, District of East Virginia
Profession: General
Political Party: Liberty
Lieutenant Consul:

Robert E Lee was the 19th consul of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He had fought for Abraham Lincoln during the Virginian Civil War and had adamantly opposed Müller during the Southern War.

Upon taking office, he sought to withdraw from the War. He sought - and received - a ceasefire from Georgia. The terms of the peace treaty were effectively status quo ante bellum.

The Civil War and the Southern War together destroyed the United States, effectively destroying the hope of American Unity for a century. Virginia began a slow slide into isolationism, sparked by shame over the blatant warmongering of the Southern War, while the Carolinas and, to a lesser extent, Georgia, were forever scarred by the War. The Carolinas soon fell to dictatorships, later legitimated as monarchies, while Georgia began a militaristic phase that left her with mastery of the Caribbean and some venturing into South and Central America.

Failing health lead him to decline to seek a second term.