James V of Scotland
Timeline: Tudor line

King of Scotland
1 February 1533 - 29 April 1589

Predecessor James V
Successor James VI
Born 1 February 1533
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died 29 April 1589
Edinburgh, Scotland
Queen Joanna of Spain
 Robert IV of Scotland was born on 1 February 1533 posthumously to James V of Scotland and Princess Charlotte of France. His birth was a problem for the plan of Archibald Douglas to overtake Scotland, so when he was a child a Scottish Succession Crisis occurred, where his granduncle Henry VIII helped. He was also raised by Mark Unger for some time, when it was however discovered that Unger was the Lutheran Pope Martin VII, he was expelled to New Rome. Robert was fully under control of his grandmother Margaret for a time. She arranged the marriage to the Habsburgs and brought him up. Robert didn't try to expand Scotland's influence. He did however confirmed the creation of the Scottish Trade Company and the colonies in America (Scottish America). He mostly tried to restore the Stuart dynasty. He had four children: James VI, Margaret, Anne and Robert and went around Scotland most of the time, making the peasants see that they were still ruled by Stuarts.
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