Alternative History
Presidency of Colombia

Timeline: Greater Colombia
President: Vicente Rocafuerte
Vice-president: José Hilario López
  Oficial 1847-1853
  Served 1847-1849
Previous period: Florez, 1841
Next period: Lopez, 1849
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In 1848 Rocafuentes is chosen as president of Colombia and Jose Hilario Lopez is chosen vice-president. The state of health of Rocafuentes is precarious and in February of 1849 he dies. Lopez assumes as president and Jose Tadeo Monagas are chosen like his vice-president. The Lopez and Monagas initiate a series of reforms that include a greater autonomy to the departments, the abolition of the slavery in 1851 and the definitive elimination of the charges.

Several of these reforms produce rises in the population, nevertheless the army remains loyal to the government and quickly the rises are controlled. The greater anti-slavery movement happens in Puerto Rico, nevertheless the great mercantilista population and craftswoman supports to the Colombian government against the elites of landowners.

The administration of Lopez also initiates the construction of the railroad of Panama in 1850, which will finish being constructed in 1854.