The point of divergence of this timeline is that Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (maior) was killed in the fight near the river of Ticinus (and thus his father, Publius Cornelius Scipio I also died, for he (Africanus) had tried to save his father and instead of succeeding, was killed). This allows Carthago (Carthage) to win the second Phoenician war (Punic war). Another point of divergence is that the fleet carrying the treaty between Carthago and Makedonia (Macedonia) isn't intercepted by the Romans, and thus the treaty is formed and, as the Romans do not know about it, surprises them and makes it easier for Hannibal to conquer Roma. As a result, Greece is united under Philippos V (Philip V, as you may have noticed, I dislike Angelication (or whatever the word is) of names) with the help of Carthago. Yet another tiny point of divergence is that flags are widely used, mostly because I like making them. Perhaps more points of divergence will be added later, perhaps not.

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This alternate history is made by me, and is not supposed to be realistic or something. In fact, I try to butterfly as many as is semi-realistically possible away, for I want, like, and will create a completely different world. Which I find fun, imaging different worlds.


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