Alternative History

576 AD-676 AD[]

577 AD: Narses goes around the Frankish kingdom and conquers Britannia within months.

580 AD: The senate begins to demand more power in Rome. Narses has the main leaders drowned in the Hellespont.

581 AD: Magnus Oppius Quincitilus attempts to leader a coup but is murdered by Pro-Emperor Senators.

584 AD: Narses sees the senate as a waste of breath. He replaces it with the council of 10. This is himself and 9 prominent generals.

585 AD: Narses dies and general Valentinian Prous Maximus us made emperor.

587 AD: Valentinian V quarrels with the pope and is excommunicated. Valentinian V besieges the Vatican and has the pope executed. He replaces him with the bishop of Ancyra.

589 AD: Valentinian V is unpopular and begins invading the Kingdom of Sagush (OTL Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). The invasion quickkly becomes a quagmire with Valentinian V losing 3 legions.

590 AD: Eventually Valentinian decides to try and raise his troops morale by leading them into battle. They are annihlated and Valentinian is killed.

591 AD: A civil war envelops Rome between General Valens Claudocaer and General Decius Forus fro the throne. All the Eastern Provinces apart from Aegyptus and Cyrenaica declare for Decius and all the western provinces declare for Valens.

594 AD: Decius eventually defeats his rival and executes him. He is crowned emperor.

595 AD: Decius II goes on campaign against the Sagushians and is still unable to defeat them.

596 AD: A breakthrough occurs and the King of Sagush Morcesiskon is trapped in the Mountain fortress of Klakops.

599 AD: After three years Morcesiskon is defeated and captured. He is brought back for a triumph in Rome.

600 AD: Islam is founded in Mecca. Decius II builds the Decian column in Constantinople to commemorate his victory in Sagush.

608 AD: Decius invades the Kingdom of Hsiung-Xanca (OTL Kazakhstan). These people are relatives of the Huns. But Decius is able to defeat them and kill their King Noonga-So-Hoj.

611 AD: A scientist, Claudius Frisus Penderus, invents Gunpowder in Caesarea.

613 AD: A Chinese merchant, Gong Pao Song, makes contact with the Romans of Hsiung-Xanca. A Trade route is formed.

New Chinese Imperial Flag

Chinese Imperial Banner of the 7th Century.

616 AD: The Decian Baths are opened.

617 AD: The death of Decius II. He is succeeded by a rich nobleman called Tiberius. This is the first non-military General since 543 AD.

619 AD: A group of disgruntled Nobles, Merchants and priests overthrow the Council of ten by the use of a mob. Nine Generals are executed.

620 AD: The protestors demand the return of the Senate. They are imprisoned and executed.

623 AD: A general called Marus Appius Ventus is given the order for the Invasion of Ethiopia which is carried out by him.

625 AD: Axum falls and Ethiopia is conquered.

626 AD: Tiberius II dies in mysterious circumstances. He is succeeded by Marus.

630 AD: Marus invades Somalia and conquers it but a guerrilla campaign springs up.

631 AD: Marus invades the Frankish kingdom and is victorious.

633 AD: Marus is poisoned by his son Marus who becomes Marus II

634 AD: Marus II is killed by his bodyguards. Commander Aurelius Praetus is declared emperor

636 AD: Aurelius is killed by the guerrillas of Somalia.

638 AD: After two years of crisis, Augustus II comes to power.

640 AD: Augustus II reinstates the senate for the first time in 56 years.

641 AD: Augustsus carries out his infamous purges to cleanse the senate of his rivals.

644 AD: Augustus launches the invasion of India with Legions X and XVIII, commanded by Appius Quincitus Verinus.

646 AD: The invasion successfully subdues most of Pakistan, Kashmir and the areas around Bombay and Delhi.

650 AD: Augustus II has Verinus murdered on trumped up charges of treason. In reality he wanted a competitor for the throne out of the way.

653 AD: Milius Rosinus Androsnii of the senate tries to modernize the empire by petitioning Augustus II for a constitutional empire. He is executed by Augustus II.

654 AD: The Roman Bread Riots occur due to a new spate of grain rationing following a drought in the grain producing regions of the empire. They are brought under control by Legions XXI, VI,III and XI.

655 AD: Augustus II is poisoned by his more moderate son, Titus. He is crowned Titus II.


Augustus II lived 589 AD-655 AD and Ruled 638 AD-655 AD

656 AD: Titus II begins reforms to the Senate and gives the Senate control over provinces like Britannia and Armenia.

661 AD: Titus II creates two new provinces India Superior and India Inferior.

664 AD: Titus II creates a minimum wage of 1 Denarii per day

665 AD: Domitian Colpus, a military advisor to Titus II highlights the possibilites of gunpowder weapons. Titus II reviews but turns down the proposal for the manufacture of 300 firearms.

669 AD: Pharus Oppius Manganus, governor of India Inferior invades central India at the behest of Titus II. He captures up to Agra, but is then forced back at Tennoai.

671 AD: King Himani Singh of the kingdom of Bactra in central India signs piece with Rome and provides her with war elephants.

674 AD: Titus II orders the invasion of Sarmatia. His invasion backfires when he is ambushed by the Sarmatians and killed. His son Valens is crowned Valens III.