Regatul României
Kingdom of Romania
1881 –
Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania - Big CoA
Trăiască Regele
Location of the Kingdom of Romania DS
Capital Bucharest
Official language Romanian
Government Constitutional monarchy
Head of state
- 1881-1914
- 1914-1927
- 1927-1930
- 1930-
Carol I
Ferdinand I
Michael I
Carol II
- Upper house
- Lower house
Legislature Parlamentul
Adunarea Deputaţilor
Historical era
- Kingdom established
- Territorial expansion
- Loss of Territory
-Joins the Axis Powers
-Greater Anti-Comintern Pact

October 28, 1918
December 1, 1918
August 30, 1940
November 23, 1940
November 25, 1942
Currency Romanian Leu

Romania, officially the Kingdom of Romania (Romanian: România, Regatul României) was a sovereign state in South-East Central Europe. From 1859 to 1877, Romania evolved from a personal union of two vassal principalities (Moldavia and Wallachia) under a single prince to a full-fledged independent kingdom with a Hohenzollern monarchy. In 1918, at the end of World War I, Transylvania, Eastern Moldavia (Bessarabia), and Bukovina united with the Kingdom of Romania, resulting in a "Greater Romania".

It fought on the Axis side, claiming the Russian territories of Bukovina, and the Russian port of Odessa

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