Ron Jones
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In office
January 3rd, 2008 – January 3rd, 2016
Serving with Chuck Baldwin
Preceded by Steve Beshear
Senator of Kentucky
In office
January 3rd, 1998 – January 3rd, 2004
Preceded by Jim Bunning
Succeeded by Rand Paul
Personal details
Born August 20, 1948 (1948-08-20) (age 71)
Austin, Texas, U.S.
Political party Liberterian
Spouse(s) Katie Joseph (m. 1981)
Children 2
Religion Lutheranism
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Ron Jones is the current Governor of Kentucky and Presidential Candidate for the 2016 General Election. He's been most noted during his political career for cutting down the size of government and an advocate for equal social rights. Ron has also fought higher tax rates, hoping that the economy would grow without a huge tax burden.


Early Life

Ron Jones was born in Austin, Texas on August 20th, 1948. Ron's father was an active military personnel that was overseas stationed in Japan. His mother was a homemaker, and usually took care of the house.

At the age of six, Ron and his family moved north to Kentucky. Ron grew interested in politics, and graduated high school in 1967. Since Ron was a Grade A student, he chose to get a degree in political science at the Duke University.

College and Radio Show

After moving to Duke, Ron had read several works pertaining to the American revolution, and how the purpose government according to the founding fathers was to minimalize the Federal Government. Ron, having an outwards and social personality, wanted to express his newly created Libertarian viewpoints. So, Ron applied for a talk show on the campus. Ron then told his opinion over the radio, and got a lot of support. Ron continued his work at Duke, then created professional a radio show in his home state of Kentucky to express his support for the newly created Libertarian Party. Ron would also become a news anchor on his radio show, applying his Libertarian opinion to world issues.

Run For Senator

After gaining quite the audience in his home state of Kentucky, Ron had developed a following. The Libertarian Party was the third largest party in the state, nearly having the same amount of members as the Democrats. When Ron was asked on his radio show whether he would run for Senator or not, Ron said he would "consider it". After this, Ron's support for governor skyrocketed. He later would win the senator slot 53% (L) - 28% (R) - 19% - (D), replacing Democrat Jim Bunning (Who ran against Ron in the election).

Governor of Kentucky

After Ron served a six-year term as Senator, Ron decided to take a break from politics and going back to doing what he loved; radio talk shows. He continued this for several years, until he saw the governor slot was vacant for the Libertarian nomination. Deciding after a long period of thinking, Ron came out of retirement and ran for governor. He would eventually win the election, 42% (L) - 24% (R) - 14% (D).

2016 Presidential Bid

Ron Jones 2016

Ron Jones, as seen in a campaign poster.

While Ron was finishing up his term as governor, Ron saw that the Libertarian party had no candidates for the presidency. After seeing what Tom Cotton had done in 2008, Ron decided to take a shot. So, on September 7th, Ron announced he would be running for POTUS, focusing on the issues of big government and social rights. Using his radio show and being governor, Ron hoped to get his decently large product out to the world to help gather support for such a bid

Not that long after, colleague Luke Recks declared he would be running for the presidency. The race for the Libertarian nomination was on.

Tackling the Issues

Domestic Issues

Economic Issues

  • Tax Plan
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Does it seem lawful for the government to take your worked earnings? Ladies and gentlemen, let's pretend that we're criminals on a highway, robbing thoses for cash. Would it seem ethical to take money against somebody's wishes? Would it make the person any more better if they were an IRS agent? Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to help stop those robbers from stealing your hard worked cash. What I propose is this; A fifteen percent tax cut all around, so investors can feel more confident in investing in new businesses and buildings to create more jobs. It's happened before (See Reaganomics), and has had major succsess. If I'm given the Libertarian nomination, I will fight big government to let you what you want with your tax money, and to strengthen the economy for the United States of America.
  • National Debt
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): What I propose we do to fight the national debt is to do the following things; slash the balance of a Social Security check by five-hundred dollars, using the increased amount of money from my tax plan to be paid off to the debt, and to decrease military spending by a fourth to rest the entire fate of the debt on trickle down economics.
  • Social Security
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Social security was created when the average lifespan was shorter. In 1935, the average lifespan for a male man was roughly sixty years long. It wasn't meant to be used the way it is now. I propose we cut the program, that money to let YOU save up for retirement with YOUR earned money. Less taxes = more income to American households = More money for retirement.
  • Breaking Up Banks
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): The only band that I see needs to be broken up is the Federal Reserve. When the Fed was created into power on Chrismas Eve 1913, it put the hands of Americas wealth into the hands of a few. I say, as my first act of the Jones administration would be to denounce the Federal Reserve, and to call to end the Fed.
  • Cut Programs
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): If I needed to cut government programs, I would almost cut all of them. Here's why; should you need to pay for other things that you wouldn't want to pay for? For example, does a pro-life Christian support funding of Planned Parenthood's abortion services? No. Does a Pacifist like that the military is one of our largest spent thing on GDP? No. Now, granite, some things would need to stay, but under less funding (i.e, Military, Social Security, etc.). Now, since that is impossible and wouldn't even get past the bill creation stage, I would propose cutting common core math, a fraction of the military, and some of social security. It's what we need to get America running again.
  • Minimum Wage
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): The Federal minimum wage should be kept the same. Simply put, if the minimum wage is increased, companies would then have to lay off workers because they would become such a huge expense for them. Plus, this shouldn't be a major worry; my tax plan should allow investors to create jobs in poorer neighborhoods because they would to be able to create jobs to help people live. Plus, with my tax cuts, the people would have less of a burden to worry about when trying to live.
  • Unemployment
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Decreasing the tax rate on the rich allows them to invest in more factories and buildings that create jobs and businesses. As I said in my tax reform. If we cut taxes enough, taxpayers would be able to more confidently able to invest knowing that they have more money to fall back onto if something goes wrong. It's happened before, and it needs to happen again.
  • Labor Unions
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Labor unions create a serious problem to the manufacturer. For example, let's say a recently graduated student (We'll call him Richard) from a state university applies to join a teachers union. Richard was a hard partier, and not much of a serious student actually in school. He applies and gets a job at a high school. Now, the next year, another student graduated (We'll call him Bill) from the same school. Now, Bill, a very hard worker and person, applies to get a job at the same high school as Richard. The staff, knowing that Richard is an incompetent teacher, is unable to be fired for the better and more prepared student, Bill. So, unions are a big problem for our society, because they allow the incompetent to stay and the prepared not.
  • Farmer Subsididation
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): It is not the government's job to pay people to do what they want with their land. Though we can encourage Americans to grow crops, we shouldn't reward them for their own choice. Plus, it would only create another tax that would be unpopular among the American public.
  • Deals (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): free trade I support. I think we should allow trade like this to flourish. However, some of the tariffs we have on are increasing the prices of imported goods, and that should be removed. I'd say this deal was okay, but still has a few issues with it.
  • Energy Independence
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): We would need to encourage investors to create drill out at sea and strive to create more power plants. Once the wealthy have helped create power plants, electricity bills could potentially lower, leading to more jobs and wealth.
  • Healthcare
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Our current healthcare system is ok, but something has to be done about the expansion of government funded programs like Medicare. There is no need for Medicare to be a major insurer.
  • Fossil Fuel Tax
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): No, there is little to no reason on why this is needed. Like I said, why would there be record Arctic and Antarctic ice cap coverage? Or why would the east coast of the the United States be getting a record amount of snow this weekend? Something is inconsistent here. So no, there should not be a new fossil fuel tax. Plus, it also increases the burden on corporations, and would increase electrical bills for Americans.

Foreign Policy

  • Illegal Immigrants
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Illegal immigrants have and have been a huge problem for our country. 12.6 Million people that aren't supposed to be in this country are taking loads of jobs that could be given to American citizens. What I propose is this; we should give illegal immigrants a specific amount of time to either apply for a visa, or to get out of out country. If they do neither, they should be sentenced to a couple months prison, then deported. That simple.
  • Military Cuts
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): As I said in my tax plan, I said I would cut military spending by one-fourth to help pay off our national debt. Moreover, I want to make another point; The United States of America is NOT the world's policeman. We should not interfere with the ideas and interests of other nations. Quite simple. This country has gotten involved in so many wars, frankly, a return to isolationism would be made in heaven.
  • Refugees
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Before we even say the word "refugee", a lot of people traveling into Europe aren't even from areas even close to the Sharia Caliphate. Now that that's out of the way, let's look up at Europe. Europe is letting refugees in, and women are now restricted in some places from traveling alone. Or Sweden, where the rape rate alone has increased by 1400%. This is simply because they let "refugees" in. Though I do believe in humanitarian aid for these people, I don't think we should really accept them into our country, as they also may be a Trojan Horse trying to get into our country to cause terror.
  • Stopping Terrorism at Home
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): We all know terrorism has been a huge problem in our country, and how our civil liberties have been curbed to combat it. The TSA has been touching people even though it's been proven as an ineffective way to combat terrorism. What I propose we do to protect ourselves from these terrorists is that we arm ourselves to protect from potential terrorists to neutralize them.
  • Iran Nuke Deal
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): The Iran nuclear deal was one of the worst deals our country made in history. Not only did we allow Iran to have to capability to create a nuclear bomb, but we betrayed our Middle Eastern Allies. Ladies and gentlemen, If I'm elected president, I'm ripping up the current peace deal and returning to the status quo of an embargo. It's an embarrassment to us and our country.
  • Russian Hacks
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): To stop Russian hacks, we'd need to hire a professional company to upgrade our security system. Now granite, I'm not a fan of spending the government's stolen tax money, but this is a serious problem. I propose we hire a professional company to upgrade our national security.
  • Cuba Embargo
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): We should have not lifted our embargo off of Cuba. I'll tell you why; Cuba did not become a democratic state. We should have kept the pressure up until Cuba was forced to change into a democracy, the form of government that has made our country the freest in all of history. The lifting of this embargo shows that we work with oppressors, and that's something we should not be proud of.
  • Israel and Palestinian Recognition
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Israel has been our ally in the Middle East AND is a democracy there. While I don't support Israel and their treatment of Palestinians, we could play a key part in helping to create a two state solution.
  • Foreign Aid
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): We shouldn't really be getting involved in issues with other countries. Look at what happened when we went into Syria; a huge mess. I think the United States should return to a time of isolationism, but we should keep open the few military ties we already have (Israel and South Korea).
  • Al Qaeda and Sharia Caliphate
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): What I propose we do to cut the head off of the Sharia Caliphate is to bomb their oil industry. It's been shown that their biggest source of income, and we haven't been targeting it enough. Once Russia actually targeted the Sharia Caliphates Oil, their economic base was crippled. We need to bomb their oil, continue airstrikes, and support the Kurds fighting with information and positions about the Sharia Caliphate.
  • Crimea and Cyber Attacks (Russia)
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): Military action would not solve any problems regarding our computer security. What I propose that we should do is place economic sanctions on Russia for every Russian or foreign hack that happens. We should not tolerate these attacks.
  • Muslim Immigration
    • Governor Ron Jones (L-KY): The United States has allowed the most immigration from all counties in this world, allowing people to live together in peace and prosperity. I think we should let Muslims in (Heck, my aunt has married a Turkish immigrant) but we should also give them a test to see how tolerant they are of other opinions. Respecting other opinions has been something we've been doing for years (or maybe not) so really this is just a key to see if they are offended and could get triggered easily.

Goals of these policies

  • To rekindle the flame of American isolationism, and to set a trend that will continue into the next term.
    • In response to my colleague Luke Recks's claim on that I'm not isolationist, we cannot simply do so immediately. Doing so would only leave the world in a sudden and dizzy state. We must slowly let a world adapt to a world without an American policeman.
  • Stop government control of morals.
  • Lower the tax rate for the good of you and your country.
  • End the Federal Reserve and government programs that only crave for your stolen tax money.
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