Alternative History
Ross Dependency
Territory of the New Zealand
Timeline: Great White South

OTL equivalent: Portions of the Ross Dependency
Flag of the Ross Dependency
Flag of the Ross Dependency
Location of the Ross Dependency
Location of the Ross Dependency
Capital McMurdo
  Others Maori, Russian
Demonym Rossian
Queen Elizabeth II
Established 1933
Currency Dollar (NZD)

The Ross Dependency, also known as the Ross Territory (Russian: Территория Росса, Tyerritoriya Rossa), is a territory of New Zealand located in Antarctica. The territory comprises of several islands off the coast of Bellinsgauzenia in the Ross Sea. These islands were originally claimed by the Russian Empire, but became occupied by British troops following the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917. The islands were transferred to the Realm of New Zealand in 1933. While no longer active in regards to foreign policy, Bellinsgauzenia continues to formally claim the islands as "lost territory." In part for loosening their claims, New Zealand has allowed Bellinsgauzenian business operations on the islands.

The majority of the Ross Dependency's infrastructure is centered on the Ross Archipelago (with Ross Island being the largest island of this group). The other islands of the dependency include Coulman Island, Franklin Island, and Scott Island. While low in population, the Ross Dependency has an English-speaking majority, with Maori and Russian-speakers having some say on the islands. The majority of the territory's economy is based on petroleum extraction and refining.

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