Shortwave radio allowed us to meet the world.

The attempt to document any event that took place over 60 years ago, as one would expect, is difficult under even the best of circumstances. To do it after the destruction of most of human civilization, the death of 2.5 billion people and the near extinction of life on Earth, all presumably by beings from another world makes it that much more challenging.

However, CIVILIZATION has not totally died off nor has life! News of species large and small that have somehow survived the "Dark Times" is rumored and often confirmed. Being a lover of the old books, the ruins and photos made me want to know even more of "What Happened!" Did we get attacked by aliens or did the Soviets or some other Earthly power cause the fall of man? Was it an act of god or just a natural event?


The earliest proof and record of aliens on Earth came at Roswell, New Mexico part of the United States of America:


Earliest evidence.

July 8: The Roswell Army Air Field public information officer Walter Haut in Roswell, New Mexico, issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed "flying disk" from a ranch near Roswell, sparking intense media interest.

July 9: The next day, the press reported that Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force Roger M. Ramey stated that, in fact, the "flying disc" was shoot down after ignoring instruction from a chase plane.

July 10: The recovered craft and body were moved to a hanger at Roswell Army Air Field.

July 11: The Soviet Union calls on the United Nations to demand the United States show the world the evidence.

Many people try to leave the cities.

Wide spread panic spreads throughout the world and most world leaders join in with the Soviet's demand.

July 12: The United States allow scientists and representatives from the UN to inspect the crash site, the craft and the "body".

July 14: After two days of inspections; the UN Security Council agrees that an autopsy be performed to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it isn't a hoax of some kind. The craft will stay in the USA but the UN will have access.

July 17: Selected members from 6 countries (US, USSR, UK, China, Iran and Brazil) will meet in Roswell to inspect the body, plan out the autopsy and perform the autopsy.

230px-Truman signing National Security Act Amendment of 1949-1-

The US creates Majestic 12 to prevent theft of alien technology.

July 18: The United States creates Majestic 12 to safeguard the alien craft and technologies. It is also known that the KGB or State police of the USSR also had plans to acquire knowledge, the UK and the French did as well.

It is determined that the craft did indeed crash and that the .50 caliber rounds fired from the chase aircraft did no damage.

July 20: The autopsy is completed the results were:

  • Is not human.
  • Is not a mutilated animal, fish or reptile.
  • Was alive at the point of the crash.

    Alien before the autopsy.

  • Is probable from another world.

August 2: The United Nations with full support of all nations create a planetary defense plan. The hope is to coordinate intelligence to watch for an attack and to develop an ability to focus military force quickly to where it is needed in case of an attack. This includes placing America's small nuclear arsenal in several locations on every continent.

Addition photo evidence from that time:

General of the Army Omar Bradley-1-

General Omar Bradley: Supreme Commander of Earth Forces


February: The military plans developed by the United Nations were gradually implemented and General Omar Bradley was chosen to lead these forces.

November: United States completes the deployment of its nuclear arsenal. After, a little over one year since Roswell, the USA has built and deployed 15 nuclear bombs which are on B-29 Bombers, strategically stationed around the world.

It is estimated that nearly one million UFO sightings have been reported world-wide over the last 16 months. Not one is confirmed.


January: The Soviet Union tests its first atomic bomb. The Soviets plans to deploy their weapons along with the Americans.

October: The first confirmed UFO sightings, since 1947, takes place over Roswell. The UFO hovers over the crash site; then the hanger with the crashed craft is located. The UFO then leaves the atmosphere.


UFO as it leaves Earth's atmosphere


UFO over Roswell

The Attack


The world expected the use of nuclear weapons by one or both sides.

Publications show that since the return of the UFO ship in October of 1949, the world had experienced a massive sense of uncertainty, fear and paranoia. The world militaries plan and wait for an attack, while many others point out there is nothing to worry about, that there is no cause for war. Cities, however, are partially evacuated and Civil Defense drills are well rehearsed. Food, fuel and medicines are stockpiled; every possible step for a war has been taken and the newest weapons, a diamond-tipped .50 caliber round or larger are believed to be strong enough to penetrate the crashed alien's ship's armour.


January 2: The UFO returns to Roswell and this time they land. Local military forces are on alert but follow operational protocol and make no move. A single B-29 bomber armed with a newly tested 50 kiloton atomic bomb circles from a safe distance, ready to nuke the whole area.

January 4: The UFO comes alive and with an unseen load-speaker announces (in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, and Chinese it would like a meeting in two days with military leaders of the 509th Bombardment Wing.
Greada meet 1954-1-

The meeting.

January 5: The United Nations hotly debate the meaning of the request but the US decides its leadership of the 509th can represent the world as well as anyone else and there will be videotaping and an open mike to guide the discussions. The UN agrees.

January 6: The alien leaves the ship and walks straight towards the meeting room without stopping.

Commanding General Roger M. Ramey sits with the other officer; the alien follows their lead and also sits. The alien wants to know what happens and when hearing of the autopsy. Gets up and wants to see the body.

January 7: The alien body is exhumed and is "scanned" by a device of some kind. The alien states: "You shot at a damaged ship with some kind of projectile device and then desecrate the body in a harmful way that makes recovery impossible; you must all be taught a lesson."

The alien and his ship leave.

After the ship leaves the world leaders don't know what to do. Fear grows.

February 2-5: Stalin and Truman meet in Peking, China with other world leaders. Little changes.

Additional photo records of before the attack:

March 30: The first rumours of a fleet of asteroid-sized ship on the way towards Earth are spreading.

Demonstrations around the globe.

April 5: Mass demonstrations around the world turn violent and riots start as the people demand to know the truth.

May 1: May Day Parades get out of control: 59 are killed as the people storm the Kremlin in Moscow, USSR seeking the truth.

June 20: The United Nations have a tell-all news conference in the hope of ending the riots; they admit:

  1. There are more than twenty quarter-mile-wide objects heading towards Earth.
  2. There is no way of stopping them in space.
  3. Each, if they are ships, may have the fighting force in the hundreds to thousands of troops and up to a thousand pieces of equipment, tanks, APC, heavy guns and aircraft.
    Radar bw scale-1-

    We are helpless to stop the attack.

  4. Further testing of the diamond-tipped bullets are not as promising as first believed.
  5. There are more presumed ships then there are atomic bombs, as each ship may require two or more bombs to destroy.

July 4: Independence Day in America; police and military are prepared for anything. But people are wary of the impending arrival of the huge objects and instead the Americans and the world have a peaceful day.

July 14: Bastille Day in France goes on without a problem as the French collectively yell: C' est la vie (Such is life).

October 23:

New York City the largest city on Earth with 7,000,000 people.

  • The first asteroid bomb hits Earth in the Pacific Ocean at 1:06 am Washington D.C. time.
  • It is felt around the world with a massive earthquake.
  • A two mile high tsunami hits Guam at 1:09 the US navy on patrol reports the island is totally washed over.
  • Japan, China are hit several minutes later.
  • 2:51 am- Hawaii tries to evacuate the shore but air patrol craft report the tsunami covers all but the highest peaks; some of the aircraft are brought down by the huge wave.
  • 3:07 am- A second shaking takes place but the location at first is unknown. It later is identified as hitting Cambodia. It causes massive damage throughout the world. It further weakens building and other structures world-wide.

    Warning went out in Hawaii, but the whole island chain was submerged.

  • 5:08 am - An asteroid bomb hits just south of the Persian gulf as reported by the Yemen air patrol. The craft is lost after flying for hours, deep over Arabia but it is now all covered with water.
  • It is reported that several thousand buildings in cities thousands of miles away are failing.
  • 7:09am - The next Earth shaking event, that has evidences left behind, hits coming down just west of Spain close to Africa. The earthquake like the other are estimated at over a 10 on the Richter Scale near the point of impact. In Bakersfield, California in the USA records a local shockwave still measuring at a 7.1.

    One of the craters caused by the bombing.

  • The west coast of North and South America are hit by the tsunami sometime around this time by the first asteroid hit. The Army Airfield in Panama reported that the wave travel over the entire country and reached the Caribbean Sea.

The reports on how many other asteroids hit are sketchy but the average is 22 which many believe makes sense as the first few were about two thousand miles apart, and it appears they hit around the world twice.

By this point many of the governments around the world were gone or out of contact; People were now on their own. How many had already died is pure conjecture. But the number of people living on the coast, on islands or near a land-hit was at least several hundred million people.

Additional photos of the destruction of Earth shortly after the attack:

The Dark Times

The Dark Times was the period of time after the asteroid strike. The dust thrown up by the impacts caused a massive drop in temperatures world-wide and an initial period of near totally darkness. The impacts in the water dramatically increased the amount of water vapor in the air, which at first came down in huge down pours causing wide spread flooding. However, as the dust was lighter it rose higher and blocked the sunlight, preventing any temperature raise by the water vapor which may have trapped the heat causing a temperature increase. Because of this, the increase in precipitation quickly changed to snow and ice. Winter started with the attack in October of 1950 and lasted until March of 1952.


220px-Observatory tower in rime with blue sky-1-

Mount Washington Observatory

October: The surviving people of the world start to scramble for supplies and safe havens. While some government instructions are heard few are listened to as most people don't know who the can be trusted. Power is gone in the more developed areas of the world and most building have collapsed from earthquakes. A global cloud of dust blockes the sun and it is dark all day long, many beleave the sun will never come back out. 

October 31: Mount Washington recorded a temperature of -71° below Fahrenheit; shattering its old record of -34°F set in 1934. The meteorologist stationed there at the time give up on the idea of leaving as they could see the water from the Atlantic Ocean impacts flooding all the low laying areas. (Note: The Atlantic Ocean is over 100 miles away from Mount Washington).

November 5: Many small towns in the mid-western part of the United States come up with the idea of slaughtering adult animals and storing them for food. They can then save the feed stores for younger animals in case of a long period of darkness. They will also ration the grains in their full silos. They transmit their idea but few outside hear it. Though other came up with similar ideas for rationing.

November 21: The Soviet Union transmit an official request for any help. The United States offers technical assistance but it would be over the airwaves.

December 21: Lima, Peru on the first day of summer in the southern

Waiting for slaughter.

hemisphere records a temperature of -22° F. With dozens of feet of snow accumulated since October. However some light is breaking though.

December 25: President Truman addresses the nation and the world on radio and short wave. He says the United States government will start to offer technical assistants and/or advice to anyone who needs it without reservations for as long as they can.


January 17: Scientists in East Germany believe that the temperature drop could last for years or decades. They suggest that

Aurora can be seen world-wide.

some type of greenhouses be built to grow food. They themselves don't know how to start something like that.

March 21: First day of spring but little has changed in regards to the cold. The sun is out but it is still like dusk at noon.

April 8: Communication around that world became more diffircult due to increase amount of sun spots and the weakened magnetosphere. The magnetosphere had been weakened by the asteroids and impacts.

More Photos of the Dark Times:

May 19: The temperature in Port- au-Prince, Haiti reaches 40° F at 1:30 pm. Few have survived on the island,
Haiti UE UniversitedHaiti 1950 PM050308-1-

Haitian survivors.

however a small group at the university have survived.

June1: Stalingrad, USSR starts transmitting suggestions on how to use sawdust as a food additive. They had practical experience doing this during World War II.

Late August: Few records after this time come from any sources on the Africa continent. The last transmission is from a group of British farmer in Kenya. They are planning to leave their compounds in the hope of tracking game as their food reserves are depleted. They believe that the local native tribes have been able to survive by hunting and gathering anything they can find. They do mention temperatures are starting to rebound and they hope to put a crop-in as soon as possible.

October: As the first anniversary passes-by that temperatures are largely back to more normal ranges. However, the northern latitudes are now entering into autumn and have many more months of cold to deal with. 

Addition Photos of the Dark Times:

The New Reality

How many survived the Asteroid Attacks and the Dark Times is up to debate, however, the most common numbers that are used are under 50 million, meaning 98% of all people died during this time. Since then the world population has rebounded back to nearly 200 million and continue to grow rapidly.

Late April/ Early May 1951: The first crops are planted throughout the northern hemisphere with shortage of everything; old farming practices are resurrected.

With wide-spread shortages many people start to travel to abandoned cities in search of needed supplies.

With the nations of the world losing much of its industrial base to earthquakes and its population greatly reduced, people improvise and make everything they need from scratch and at home.

Doctors and pharmacists start to build new hospitals and medicines in small scale laboratories; the knowledge is shared with anyone listening.

Education is seen as a key element when and if the aliens return. School is mandatory and free up to graduate-level degrees.

The New Reality in Photos:

Roswell Today

Our world after the aliens craft crashing at Roswell and the Dark Times  is a world that still lives in fear of aliens returning and worry of another asteroid hitting Earth. The world has rebuilt itself  long ago and the different people and nations  have  stayed in contact with each other and help each other with the pledge never to fight against each other.

The idea that fighting against aliens capable of travel between the stars is crazy but they left their ship behind and we have spent the last 60 years reverse engineering their technology, we know where they are and it is only a matter of time before we get some payback.


We will be ready.


If they return we will be ready.


Earth Saucer test run.

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