Alternative History
Banner of the Nottinghamshire.png NT Coat of Arms.png
"Sapienter Proficiens"
Capital Nottingham (1,787,343 inh)
Largest City Derby (99,786,878 inh)
Official language English
Government Type
·Prime Minister
·Parliamentary Republic
·Alex Norris
·Ruth Edwards
Area 3,985,000 km2
Population 103,447, 821
GDP Nominal $ 906 billion (19th)
GDP PPP 2007 $ 1, 346 trillion (18th)
HDI 0.883
HDI Rank 52nd (high)
Currency Robin Hood $
Abbreviation 4S
Demonym Rottinghamese
Religions Principally Christianty
Armed Forces 200 thousand men
Internet TLD .nt

Republic of Rottingham is an Nation located in Europe. it is contingious with Norway and Sweden.

Adsministrative Divisons

  • Plymouth Province
  • London Province
  • Wallonia Province
  • National Capital District
  • Corrnwall Province
  • Wales Province