Royal California Armed Forces and Imperial Homeland Security Agency
Commander-in-Chief: Ryū Kumohira
Minister of Defence: Mizuhara Soichiro
Branches: Royal California Army
Royal California Navy
Royal California Marines
Royal California Coast Guard
Royal California Air Force
Imperial Homeland Security Agency
Imperial Defense Initiative
Active personnel: 1,758,900
Reserve personnel: 4,788,192
Founded in: 1845
Ages qualified for service: 18
Available for service: Able-bodied Male and Females
Conscription law: None (Voluntary service)

The Royal California Armed Forces, officially the Royal California Armed Forces and Imperial Homeland Security Agency, (Japanese: 王立カリフォルニア陸軍帝国国土安全庁 Ōritsu Kariforunia Rikugun Teikoku Kokudo Anzen-chō) are the military forces of the California Imperial Republic. It consists of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Homeland Security, and Coast Guard. The President of the Republic of California is the commander-in-chief of the RCAFIHSA and works with the Vice President to lead the Imperial Homeland Security Agency. 

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