NotLAH Oceanian Armed Forces Flag

Flag of the Oceanian Armed Forces

The Royal Oceanian Armed Forces were created in the year 2000, when Oceania joined the British Commonwealth.

Service Divisions

Royal Oceanian Army

Royal Oceanian Navy

Royal Oceanian Air Force

Royal Oceanian Special Forces

Alpha Group

Bravo Group

Royal Oceanian Reserve


General Duty Force: 1,136,000

Artillery Operators: 43,000

Armoured Division: 200,000

General Weaponry

Izhmash Nikonov AN-94 GP-34

current standard issue assault rifle, Russian AN-94


upcoming semi-standard issue, once issued, soldiers will be able to choose between which rifle they wish to use in service.


250,000 sailors, general duty

Naval Ship Type Amount
Battleship 20
Destroyer 40
Submarine 45
Aircraft Carriers and Helicopter Carriers 6
Patrol Boats (Coast Guard, etc) 122
Other (Freighters, etc) 67

Air Force

Section Amount of Troops
Pilots 330,000
Mechanics 100,000
Other 70,500

Special Forces 23,000 General Special Force

Alpha Group

1,000 Elite Soldiers

Bravo Group

1,000 Elite Soldiers


2,154,500 Active Armed Forces

4,154,500 Total Armed Forces

Reserve Two Million Mixed Reserve

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