Alternative History

Napoleon IV of the French

François-Napoleon of the French

Wilhelm II of Prussia

Wilhelm of Prussia

George V of the United Kingdom

Edward of the United Kingdom

Victor I of Spain

Louis of Spain

Luís Filipe I of Portugal

Manuel of Portugal

Victor Emmanuel III of Piedmont

Umberto of Piedmont

Alfonso I of the Two Sicilies

Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies

Alfred I of Central Italy

Ferdinand of Central Italy

Benedict XV of Rome

Rudolf I of Austria

Nicholas II of Russia

Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia

Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire

Ludwig of Bavaria

Rupprecht of Bavaria

Ernst Gunther I of Schleswig-Holstein

Christian of Denmark

Ernest Augustus II of Hanover

George William of Hanover

William II of Württemberg

Albrecht of Württemberg

Frederick Augustus III of Saxony

Georg of Saxony

Ernest Louis of Hesse-Nassau

Georg of Hesse-Nassau

William Ernest of the Confederation of Middle Germany

Heinrich of Köstritz

Franz Ferdinand I of the Rhineland

Maximilian of the Rhineland

Adolphus Frederick VI of Mecklenburg-Pomerania

Charles Michael of Mecklenburg

Peter I of Serbia

George of Serbia

Nicholas I of Montenegro

Danilo of Montenegro

William I of Romania

Frederick of Romania

Shalva I of Bulgaria


Carlos I of Mexico

Maximilian of Austria

Gustaf V of Sweden

Gustaf of Sweden

Frederick VIII of Denmark

Christian of Denmark

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

Juliana of the Netherlands

Albert I of Belgium

Leopold of Belgium

Johann II of Liechtenstein

Franz of Liechtenstein

Albert I of Monaco

Louis of Monaco


Yoshihito of Japan

Hirohito of Japan

Puyi of Qing

Habibullah Khan of Afghanistan

Vajiravudh of Siam

Ahmad of Persia

Tribhuvan of Nepal

Zewditu of Ethiopia

Abbas II of Egypt

Isabel of Brazil