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Rules for Arab Winter map game.

Basic Rules

  • The main goal of these rules are to keep the game realistic. Every turn must be plausible and no one can achieve world domination in ten turns,
  • A turn is one day, and represents two weeks in game. Each turn is composed of actions, which can be militaristic, economic, diplomatic or constructive.
  • Turns begin at 00:00 UTC. Do not edit past turns.
  • Any conquered lands have their inhabitants, and they must be dealt with.
  • Every ten turns a map is to be made. A moderator marked as the Mapmaker will edit the map.
  • Every map must be saved as a .png on the current map template.
  • Each player will "call" a nation, this will be their main nation.
  • The moderators of this game have the power to grant and regulate all technology for each state as well as regulate plausibility. They also have the right to create random yet plausible and fair events in any and every nation throughout the course of the game. 
  • Espionage is allowed and will be detailed later, there is a clear distinction between espionage and meta-gaming.
  • Alliances and unions are allowed as is bargaining to achieve these, although remember to be plausible.
  • If a nation is inactive then it is considered to have become isolationist and is fair game for conquering and attacking. However, there will be resistance.
  • The game ends in the present year.
  • Profile pages for your state are highly recommended.
  • If you are new, you may start the game in the turn that you joined.
  • No editing any past turns to contradict events which have already happened.
  • Not everyone can have an industrialized, liberal, stable, peaceful nation.
  • Unless your nation has been annexed or destroyed, you may not switch nations, aside from one switch.


  • Each player may play as one established government or faction.
  • Each turn you may post as your chosen nation, detailing the actions of said nation.
  • If you know that you will be unable to post as your nation for several days (such as going on vacation) alert a moderator so that you aren't eliminated
  • Conferences and congresses can be called by nations to discuss large alliances/coalitions/treaties on the talk page
  • A nation can hire raiders, pirates, or certain factions to attack other nations, but this severely weakens ties between the two countries.
  • A union of states counts as one nation in the algorithm. 
  • If you are a new player you may not immediately join a union or greater nation.

NPC Nations

All NPC nations will be operated by the moderators. This includes answering diplomacy from players and doing various tasks. On some occasions NPC’s will complete actions at the start of every turn in the form of moderator events (which will be posted by Mscoree for now when he starts new turns)

  • should be used where applicable
  • If there is a conflict of interest, another moderator must do the number generation. 
  • If a NPC nation declines your offer, you cannot continue to ask every turn. Only send another request if some of the circumstances have changed. 


  • On your turn you can offer a nation a trade agreement
  • On your turn you can also make deal offers with people, even if you don’t have a pre-existing agreement, for trading resources
  • Resources can be brokered within a peace treaty
  • In some cases, in order to establish a permanent trade agreement that reaches its maximum potential, there must be a clear, safe route between the two nations (land or sea)


  • You may declare a war on any country on your turn
  • You may have any NPC declare war on you as long as it is plausible
  • Use the appropriate algorithms for all attacks
  • Each enemy encounter is a single battle
  • Keep in mind that it may take several battles to crush your enemies.
  • Upon entering enemy territory remember that after pushing back enemy forces, you must allot time to occupation. Keep in mind how big an area might be, and how many soldiers you have to enter the countryside. Also keep in mind where they are getting their supplies. If a clear stockpile or route for supplies isn’t available, your forces may have to pillage the local villages or face death from attrition. Once an area is occupied, you do not own it. It is still the defender’s land, but you are currently controlling it. Annexation of enemy’s land is later agreed upon in the peace treaty.
  • This algorithm must be used for any war/battle/conflict involving a player. This includes player-versus-player wars and player-versus-NPC wars. These algorithms are final. Disregarding the outcome of the algorithm will result in a ban!
  • All nations are encourage to think tactically and develop actual plans for invasions/battles. By publishing a description of your actions (or making a page documenting your pre-battle maneuvers) you will be more likely to succeed.


Casus Belli

Your reason for declaring war.


  • Defending against invasion: +9
  • Defending against minor attack/skirmishes: +7


  • Terrorist attack: +7
  • Defending similar religious/ethnic/culture group(s): +6
  • Religious/ideological "jihad" (terrorist organizations): +6
  • Preventing ethnic genocide: +5
  • Spreading/promoting/protecting political ideology: +5
  • Liberating/Freeing similar religious/ethnic/culture group(s): +5
  • Perpetrating ethnic genocide: +4
  • Attacked ally: +3
  • Faked Terrorist Attack: +2
  • Political blunder: +1
  • None: -5


Your goal in this war.

  • Overthrow of Authoritarian government (civil war only): +5
  • Attack against rebels: +4
  • War of unification: +4
  • Acquire/liberate core territory or rightful land: + 3
  • Liberate oppressed people: +2
  • Acquire economic resources: +1
  • Aggressive Expansion: -3
  • Install Political Ideology:
    • Communist government: +2
    • Democratic government: +3
    • Dictatorship:
      • In communist country: +1
      • In poor/ravaged non-communist country: 0
      • In democratic nation: -1
  • No Objective: -3

Modifiers Pacifist government: -2 Religious motive: +5 Breaking treaty: -5 Frequent Enemy: +4


Location goes by attacker's closest territory and defender's targeted territory, in which fighting actively takes place.


  • 10 - Borders territory of enemy where fighting is actively taking place, in same continent
  • 8 - Attacking territory in the same region, traveling primarily by land.
  • 6 - Attacking distant territory in the same region or across major bodies of water; attacking neighboring regions.
  • 4 - Attacking territory across map, or from another continent.


  • 10 - Defending territory is part of core territory/homeland; area under attack is near capital or in easily accessible area from it.
  • 8 - Defending neighboring territory within home region.
  • 6 - Defending distant territory or important/large territory in another region.
  • 4 - Defending vastly distant or minor possession.

Each nation or possession involved in combat gets a location, and each location is added up then divided by number of nations per that side.

Supply Lines


  • 6- Attacking an area that borders core sections of nation; easily accessible to troops and supplies.
  • 3 - Attacking distant area in region, or via amphibious landing.
  • 0 - Attacking on the other side of the map, and/or with amphibious landing.


  • Added to each nation that is less than six for supply lines:
    • 2 - Attacker is major nation at least twice as large as defender.
    • 2 - Attacker has supporting fleet connecting their home nation to battlefield.
    • 2 - Attacker has intermediary territory between their home nation and the battlefield that can be used to supply or safe guard ships.
  • Added once:
    • -7 - Subjected to scorched earth retreat.
    • -7 - Blockade completely cutting off supplies to front lines.


  • 8 - Defending home territory or neighboring/nearby areas.
  • 4 - Defending disconnected or distant territory.


  • Added to each nation that is less than eight for supply lines:
    • 2 - Defender is a major nation at least twice as large as attacker.
    • 2 - Defender has supporting fleet connecting their home nation to battlefield.
    • 2 - Defender has intermediary territory between their home nation and the battlefield that can be used to supply or safe guard ships.
  • Added once:
    • -7 - Subjected to scorched earth retreat.
    • -7 - Blockade completely cutting off supplies to front lines.

Tactical Advantage


  • 5 - Utilizes blitzkrieg or rapid overpowering by advanced technology or superior numbers (WW2 Germany, Revolutionary France, European Subjugation of natives).
  • 4 - Is on equal footing to defender in terms of technology.
  • 3 - Amphibious landing or distant invasion; charge against superior defenses.
  • 2 - Raid or low quality attack.

Modifiers (Once per side)

  • Superior Numbers: 5
  • Siege weapons or artillery: 5


  • 5 - Defending

Modifiers (Once per side)

  • Superior Numbers: 5
  • High quality fortifications: 5
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