These are the rules of Initium Novum

The Ten Laws of Initium Novum

  1. Mods have the final say. If you feel they are being unfair, bring it up to the head mod.
  2. Plausibility is vital. Things that are not plausible will be marked using strikethrough.
  3. One turn is one day is one year. No changing past turns.
  4. One nation per player. You cannot change a nation at a whim, but you may contact the head mod to do so.
  5. Conquered people must be dealt with. They have their own language, religion, and culture.
  6. Wars must be waged plausibly. Mods will play a large role in warfare.
  7. Metagaming is forbidden. This doesn't mean use of talk pages or chat, only unplausible alliances.
  8. Exploration begins in 1475. Colonialism starts in 1500. All 6 Regions can send out their own colonists.
  9. Each Region is composed of nations and tribal regions. Each Region has its own Native tribes.
  10. You will have fun.
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