Alternative History

This page documents the rules for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game. These rules (and especially the algorithm) are currently a work in progress.

General Rules

  • Make sure that all actions carried out per turn are realistic and plausible
  • Turns begin at 21:00 UTC. Do not edit past turns.
  • One turn is equivalent to three month. Each day a new turn begins. Each day you may write out your actions. Each unit you control can do one thing per turn. The following things count as an individual unit:
  • Armies- Military forces that are separated from each other and/or in different ‘fronts’ count as separate units. Therefore you can siege a city with an army in China and engage the enemy in Canada all in the same turn
  • Navies- Same rules as armies
  • Exploration parties- see below
  • Merchants (After establishing a trade route with another country each turn you can buy/sell goods)
  • Builders- Once every turn, per metropolis area you can build a major building such as a library, park, fire department, etc. World/national wonders such as national parks, landmarks, monuments, grand memorials, etc can take several turns to build
  • Diplomacy- You can discuss trade agreements, alliances, treaties with any nations you are in contact with
  • Keep in mind the linguistic effects of conquering and colonizing
  • Any land which is conquered has inhabitants, and they must be dealt with
  • Every ten turns, a map is to be made
  • Each player will "call" a nation, one nation per player
  • The creator of this game, Mscoree, and all moderators have the power to grant and regulate technology for every nation, as well as regulate plausibility. They also has the right to create random events in any and every nation throughout the course of the game
  • Every so often an archive of game progress will be made by Mscoree


  • If a nation is inactive for five days or more (hasn’t posted anything during this time) than their country can fall into civil disorder or civil war. A country’s stability (see below) also determines their fate. 
  • If you know that you will be unable to post as your nation for several days (such as going on vacation) alert a moderator so that you aren’t eliminated
  • Conferences and congresses can be called by nations to discuss large alliances/coalitions/treaties on the talk page
  • A nation can hire raiders and pirates to attack other nations, but this severely weakens ties between the two countries
  • If you join late you start the turn you join
  • You may vassalize nations and post for them if no one plays as them, but you must allow new players to play as them, if they ask and you think they are a good fit. 
  • Profile pages for your countries are highly recommended. Feel free to create pages to explore interesting alternate history within the game
  • ’Call’ your choice below in the list of nations by your name/signature
  • If you have a creative idea for your nation that is not listed here, add it, but make sure you include some sort of backstory when you make your first post. Even if an existing nation is not listed here you can still claim it if it is not already claimed.
  • Make sure you read the Pre-Apocalypse Timeline for information about some nations
  • Unions are allowed through dynastic or personal claims, in a realistic and timely manner, however nations cannot use unions to unrealistically bypass conquests.
  • A union counts as one nation in the algorithm. 
  • Switching nations is allowed if you are eliminated, or if granted permission in game, however you may not frequently or excessively switch nations to metagame or escape consequences. 
  • If you are a new player you may not immediately join a union or greater nation.


  • At the start of the game everyone’s stability is 50 unless otherwise noted
  • You need stability of at least 35 to advance in any technology
  • The lower stability your nation has the more susceptible it is to rebellions, revolutions, lower production, weaker defense, and other weaknesses. If you do not quell the rebellion/raise your stability then your nation may collapse.
  • If your expansion (see below) is higher than -5, five points are subtracted from your stability
  • If your stability is higher than 80 you are considered in a technological boom/golden age
  • If your stability is under 40, it will increase after the following have been met:
    • You have not been at war for twelve turns
    • You are not openly moving soldiers into foreign countries, or to aid in a major war
    • Rebels in your nation have been cleared
    • You do not have a major political switch in your government
  • Moderators may target your nation for a random event involving your stability, usually depending on your current situation/decisions.

Eg: the Prince of Mercia has been assassinated. Your control in that region is falling as the Worker’s Union gathers more support around his death. Your stability drops from 40 to 35.

NPC Nations

All NPC nations will be operated (for now) by Mscoree or assorted moderators. This includes answering diplomacy from players and doing various tasks. On some occasions NPC’s will complete actions at the start of every turn in the form of moderator events (which will be posted by Mscoree for now when he starts new turns)

  • should be used where applicable
  • If there is a conflict of interest, another moderator must do the number generation. 
  • If a NPC nation declines your offer, you cannot continue to ask every turn. Only send another request if some of the circumstances have changed. 


  • On your turn you can offer a nation a trade agreement
  • On your turn you can also make deal offers with people, even if you don’t have a pre-existing agreement, for trading resources
  • Resources can be brokered within a peace treaty
  • In order to establish a permanent trade agreement that reaches its maximum potential, there must be a clear, safe route between the two nations (land or sea)


Resources are crucial to a thriving nation. Some resources help the development of armies, other your economy. Some resources have special bonuses. Here is some examples of resources your nation could trade. If you believe your nation has one of these resources naturally, write so in your post.

  • Metal
  • Water- If you have access to water your stability will be increased slowly over time
  • Wheat
  • Guns
  • Ammunition
  • Brick- Bricks make the time for wonders and buildings to be completed shorter
  • Concrete- Concrete makes the time for wonders and buildings to be completed shorter
  • Lumber- Lumber makes the time for wonders and buildings to be completed shorter
  • Uranium
  • Oil
  • Coal

Keep in mind when making your post the types of resources you have available to you. Even if it isn’t specifically listed here, if you see an obvious advantage that one of your resources might add then write it in your post.

Military Development

  • Each turn you can only enlist a few thousand soldiers per urban area (large city or town).
  • Each turn that you maintain an army/navy you must pay them, and can therefore not be bankrupt without consequences
  • Make sure you allot time for units to be recruited and trained. Use your nation's OTL armed forces as a guideline (if available). 

Expanding your Nation

  • Nations can be expanded through war and by conquering local city-states
  • In order to declare war on another nation you must write your declaration on your turn as well as update the list of current wars, listing all needed information. See Current Wars section
  • See war section for algorithm


  • On your turn you can create an official exploration party
  • Each turn you can explore 50 to 150 km. Keep in mind the terrain they might be walking in, and how acclimated they may be to their surrounding. Do so by stating ‘Bob’s Exploration Party explores 100 km east of Berlin’, or something similar.
  • After exploring a remote area, you can try to establish a trade route or road to the area you are exploring


  • As technology progresses you get access to greater and more powerful units. To level up a technology, state so on your turn. After leveling up that turn you immediately progress 0.25, so if you are level 1, you become level 1.25. Army technology increases make your land forces better trained and disciplined, navy technology increases make your naval forces more experienced and organized, while industry technology increases make your defense capabilities better.
  • To advance in any technology you need a stability of at least 35.
  • You can only level up one technology per turn.
  • Every time you level up something it increases by 0.25
  • You cannot level two turns in a row.
  • You cannot go past 3.0 until 1985
  • You cannot go past 4.0 until 1995
  • You cannot upgrade your naval capabilities if you are landlocked or do not have access to a sea or ocean.

Army Technology:

  • Level 2- To level up your army technology to level two you need at least 10,000 regular soldiers, access to metal OR wheat, and access to guns OR ammunition.
  • Level 3- To level up your army technology to level three you need at least 50,000 soldiers, access to metal OR wheat, access to guns OR ammunition, and access to coal or lumber.
  • Level 4- To level up your army technology to level four you need at least 100,000 soldiers, access to metal OR wheat, access to guns OR ammunition, access to concrete OR bricks, and access to oil.
  • Level 5- To level up your army technology to level five you need at least 300,000 soldiers, access to metal OR wheat, access to guns, access to ammunition, access to oil, and access to bricks or concrete.

Navy Technology:

  • Level 2- To level up your navy technology to level two you need at least 25 ships, access to lumber, and access to metal.
  • Level 3- To level up your navy technology to level three you need at least 70 ships, access to lumber, access to metal, and access to guns OR ammunition.
  • Level 4- To level up your navy technology to level four you need at least 114 ships, access to metal, access to lumber, access to guns OR ammunition, and access to oil.
  • Level 5- To level up your navy technology to level five you need at least 150 ships, access to metal, access to lumber, access to guns OR ammunition, and access to oil.

Industry Technology:

  • Level 2- To level up your industry technology to level two you need a population of at least 50,000 , access to wheat, and access to lumber OR bricks.
  • Level 3- To level up your industry technology to level two you need a population of at least 80,000 , access to wheat, access to lumber, and access to bricks OR concrete.
  • Level 4- To level up your industry technology to level two you need a population of at least 120,000 , access to wheat, access to lumber, access to bricks, and access to at least one other resource.
  • Level 5- To level up your industry technology to level two you need a population of at least 150,000 , access to wheat, access to lumber, access to bricks, access to coal OR oil, and access to at least one other resource.


  • You may declare a war on any country on your turn
  • You may have any NPC declare war on you as long as it is plausible
  • Use the appropriate algorithms for all attacks
  • Each enemy encounter is a single battle
  • Keep in mind that it may take several battles to crush your enemies.
  • Upon entering enemy territory remember that after pushing back enemy forces, you must allot time to occupation. Keep in mind how big an area might be, and how many soldiers you have to enter the countryside. Also keep in mind where they are getting their supplies. If a clear stockpile or route for supplies isn’t available, your forces may have to pillage the local villages or face death from attrition. Once an area is occupied, you do not own it. It is still the defender’s land, but you are currently controlling it. Annexation of enemy’s land is later agreed upon in the peace treaty.
  • This algorithm must be used for any war/battle/conflict involving a player. This includes player-versus-player wars and player-versus-NPC wars. Moderators will post these algorithms. These algorithms are final. Disregarding the outcome of the algorithm will result in a ban!
  • All nations are encourage to think tactically and develop actual plans for invasions/battles. By publishing a description of your actions (or making a page documenting your pre-battle maneuvers) you will be more likely to succeed.


Use the following algorithm to determine if your stability drops when declaring war. Add up the number at the end, and that is how many points you lose (negative does nothing). Note: if you fail to reach one of your objectives then your stability drops by two. 

The casus belli "faked terrorist attack" includes any events that you created in your turn. Faked terrorist attacks must be used cautiously. Every time they are used there is a small chance that the public will uncover the true, which can have negative consequences.

Casus Belli

  • Unjustly attacked (-5)
  • Terrorist attack (-3)
  • Attacked ally (-2)
  • Faked Terrorist Attack (-1)
  • Political blunder (-1)
  • None (+3)


Acquire Core

Wish to annex a province/state that is our rightful land.

Annex Territory

Wish to annex a province/state.

Add to Sphere

We wish to forcefully establish this state under our sphere of influence, establishing a puppet state.

Assert Hegemony

Forcefully take back state(s) that are culturally similar to ours from another great power's sphere of influence.

Civil War

Take back land that has been claimed by rebels.


We wish to forcefully annex this smaller state


We believe this state is becoming too powerful and must be contained.

If in a coalition of three or more nations: (0)

Cut Down to Size

We wish to partially remove this nation's military so they are no longer a threat.

Demand Concession

We demand this state cede one of their colonies to us.


Establish Protectorate

We wish to establish this state as a protectorate.


Free People

We wish to liberate provinces that have been wrongfully occupied or annexed, and give them back to their rightful owners.



We wish to lower this nation's prestige and political standing.


Release Puppet

We demand that this state release other nations that they have forced into becoming a puppet.


Restore Order

Used to annex a nation that is comprised completely of our core states. We believe every one of its provinces belong to us.


War of Unification

We are annexing states that are culturally part of a greater nation.


Install Political Government

If attempting to establish communist government: (+1)
If attempting to establish democratic government: (+2)
If attempting to establish a dictatorship:

  • In communist country: (+1)
  • In poor/ravaged non-communist country: (+2)
  • In democratic nation: (+3)

No Objective

We don't even know why we're here, we're just mad.



Pacifist government: (+2)
Religious motive: (-2)
Breaking treaty: (+3)
Frequent Enemy: (-1)


Add up your score from all of the declarations and objectives. If your number is positive, subtract that number from your stability. If it is zero, or negative, nothing happens.

When declaring war it is encouraged to write your declaration on the talk page, so you can specify your objectives.



Location goes by capital city.

  • at the location of the war: 5
  • next to the location of the war: 4
  • close to the location of the war: 3
  • far from location of the war: 2
  • other side of the world: 1
  • Antarctica: 0

Tactical Advantage


  • No defenses, open field, etc: 1
  • High ground/ambush: 2
  • Basic earthworks, makeshift defenses, ruins: 3
  • Fortifications, Dug in defenses: 4
  • High-security fortress: 5


  • No defenses, open field, etc: 1
  • High ground/ambush: 2

A country receives high ground/ambush if:
1)The battle location, or area where the army in question is located has a high topographic prominence, meaning it is surrounded by areas of significantly lower elevation. Even plateaus count, but it must be so that the enemy has to climb the mountain to capture the location.
2) The defenders are meeting a force invading from the coast. This means in all invasions involving crossing water in boats/ships and meeting an enemy immediately at the beach starts at this level.

Nations Per Side on the War

  • M for military aid (+3), S for supplies (+2), V for vassalization or subordination (-1) and then W for withdrawal (-1). So a list of belligerents read like China (L), Zhuang Warlords (MVW), Japan (M), Korea (MW), Hawaiian rebels (MV), Mali (SW), creating a score of 13

Military Development

  • Your current army score * 10
  • If you are defending, your industrial score is also included, multiplied by 4
  • If the battle is near water, and you have a navy stationed nearby then your naval score is also included, multiplied by 3


  • expansion: -1 for every turn used for expansion in the past 10 years


  • motive is life or death (country's sovereign existence is threatened): 10
  • motive is religious: 7
  • motive is social or moral: 6
  • motive is political: 5
  • motive is economic: 3

If there are multiple motives, the one told to the army will be selected.


0 to 9 points will be awarded to each person based on chance. Factors will be the opponent's edit count on the wiki, and the precise time when the country declares war or acknowledges the other's declaration of war. The product of the non-zero digits of the time by UTC (0:00 yields 1) will be written as a percentage of the opponent's edit count at the exact time of the declaration. If the resulting number is less than one hundred percent, the reciprocal is taken. The result is multiplied by pi and the hundredths digit is the amount of points that person gets (e.g. 123.8377% yields 3). The algorithm is online for fairness, but I will be the moderator.


  • Your current stability divided by two


All nations get a +10 on this


  • If your army is being commanded by an established general or leader then you will receive a bonus
  • To determine leader bonus:

To determine whether or not your general lives take a random number (0-9) and multiply that by the number of enemy soldiers over friendly soldiers. If no exact number of soldiers is known approximations can be used. That number determines the fate of your general.

  • 8 or higher - General is killed
  • 6.9 to 7.9 - General is severally wounded and is no longer able to serve
  • 5.9 to 6.8 - General is wounded and cannot serve for the amount of turns that is your number /2, rounded down
  • 5.8 or lower - General is fine

Note: Depending on the situation your general may be killed after the battle.
Next do the following:
“Gen” is either 1 if the general is alive, and 0 if the general dies during the leader bonus determination or if not present. Next find the amount of victorious battles your general led, divided by their total amount of battles they commanded in, plus their experience, a random number determined at general’s creation. If your number is a decimal it is rounded up. If your general has commanded more than three battles and has one every one of them, then their total is multiplied by 1.3

Gen((wins+1)/total+1) + Exp)

Number of Troops

  • Friendly soldiers / Enemy soldiers


  • Countries in civil disarray are able to resist invasion by a factor of 1.5. However, they may not take territory in another country
  • If X countries attack another country, they have to take 100X/(X+2)% of their opponents' territory to facilitate a full government transplant.
  • Expansion into countries not fully united is multiplied by 1.5, but it does not affect how well the country fares in war if it wins the war.
  • if your leader is killed then ten points is subtracted from your grand total

Example War


  • Location (close to the location of the war): 4
  • Tactical advantage: 3
  • General: (4/6 + 5) = 6
  • Italy(MS): 5
  • Motive: 10
  • Stability:38
  • Army: 10
  • Industry: 4
  • Navy: 3
  • Expansion : 0
  • Chance: 4
    • UTC time: 21:17
    • Edit count: 783
    • (783/14)*pi=175.7047
  • Participating in the war: 10

Total: 97


  • Location (at the war): 3
  • Tactical Advantage: 1
  • General: (8/8 + 5) = 8
  • Portugal(V): 3
  • Motive: 6
  • Army: 2
  • Expansion : -2
  • Stability: 20
  • Chance: 5
  • Participating in the war: 10

Total: 56


The French manage to hold off the Spanish long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The Spanish suffer large casualties and are forced to retreat south.


(On the talk page you can discuss changes that should be made to the algorithm, and ask questions)