Russia (Chinese World)

Russia refers to a geographical region in East Europe, dominated by Slavic ethnicities ruled first by the Norse and then by the Mongols, before the Age of Exploration.



There are five officially recognized Russian languages:

  1. Moscovian
  2. Novogorodan
  3. Polish
  4. Ruthetian
  5. White Russian

All these languages are written in Cyrillic.


Most Russians follow either the East Russian Orthodox church or the West Russian Orthodox church.


Some Russian countries include:

Russia Proper

  1. Moskovia
  2. Novgorod
  3. Poland
  4. Rutesia
  5. Siberia
  6. Volgia
  7. White Russia

Asia and Oceania

  1. Anatolia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Mesopotamia

Europe and Africa

  1. Brandenburg
  2. Cote D'Ivore*
  3. Kenya-Uganda-Tanzania*
  4. Madagascar-Mozambique*

The Americas

  1. British Columbia*
  2. Cuba*
  3. Nicaragua*
  4. Texas*
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