Alternative History

Russia is a large nation located in Europe and Asia. In the past, Russia controlled a great empire, stretching east to the Ob River, and south down through central Asia and into the Indian subcontinent, conquering lands from Persia, giving Russia access to the Arabian Sea. Russia was a major power in Indian politics during the period of European colonization.

Russia had long craved Siberian lands held by Japan, a major factor in numerous wars between Russia and Japan.

Third Global War and the Civil War

Russia was a member of the League of St Petersburg during the Third Global War, which proved disastrous for the Empire. It lost its central and southern Asian possessions, as well considerable territory Eastern Europe. In addition, the far eastern part was broken off into a puppet Republic of the Urals by Japan.

The Tsar was overthrown following the War. Russia was torn by civil war. At the end of the Russian Civil War, a new hypernationalistic government took control. Their leader, a general named Nikolay Muscovitch declared himself the new Tsar of Russia and sought to avenge their losses in the Third Global War. Russia sought to renew the old alliance with Britain's successor state, the Kingdom of England, and with China, both of whom also had losses to avenge.

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