In the timeline Russia Ruins Stuff, some time in the 1960s, the Soviet Union tries to bomb a bunch of countries. It starts producing more bombs and tries to annex countries to get bigger. It also starts the Soviet Bomb War of 1975, which lasted through 1984. In 1983, the Soviet Union collapsed into Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic, Siberia and Mongolia. China also split into 2 countries, North China and Tibetan Region.

This is a single history within a timeline. The timeline only has one event: this.


Year Event
1922 The Soviet Union is formed from the Russian SFSR
1940s Russia starts making bombs
1950 The Korean War starts
1955 The Vietnam War starts
1961 Soviet Union starts producing more bombs and annexing countries.
1968 Germany starts trying to attack Soviet Union
1975 The Soviet Bomb War starts
1983 Soviet Union collapses into 5 countries
1984 The Soviet Bomb War ends
1998 Countries get on good terms with Russia
2000 Vladimir Putin fails to get in office due to this disaster; they tried to focus on trying to get Russia back on its feet

Differences from OTL

  • The Soviet Union makes more bombs than normal.
  • The Soviet Union did collapse in 1991 into Russia, the Baltic Countries, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, but did not in 1983
  • Vladimir Putin did get in office in OTL in 2000, and got in again in 2012.
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