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This project has been put on hiatus by me at least for the moment, so all my time can be put into a much bigger project. I am now allowing other users to expand this timeline. For the moment I have no plans to continue making articles for this timeline, but no one knows what the future holds. Feel free to expand this timeline at your will, but please follow the rules below.

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Proposed Canon

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Background Info

In OTL, Russia's colonial empire was limited to just OTL Alaska, but what if it wasn't. What if it expanded to control a territory on
nearly every continent. That is the story explored by this timeline. The majority of the land in the Americas either ends up as part Russian America or as a Russian puppet state. Through this territories in the South Pacific and Africa are also gained and expanded upon. Russian culture is more prominent all across the world, especially in the Americas, and the Russian language has grown to rival the English language as a world wide language. Russia's story of expansion began in the late 1780's when OTL Alaska was quickly colonized to capitalize on resources discovered by a Russian expedition not held in OTL. Russian America quickly expands west then south and grows into an independent country like most colonized areas. This expansion also led to Russia obtaining territories in Africa and the Philippines.
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