Alternative History
Map of Russian Antarctica (Great White South)

Map of Russian Antarctica prior to the collapse of the Russian Empire.

Russian colonization of Antarctica began in 1820 following first contact between the Chiefdom of Krannkush and the Russian expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen. Throughout the 19th century, the Russian Empire established trading posts and colonies across half of the continent. Russian control over these colonies lasted until the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917. Following which, Russia's colonies emerged as the independent nations of Bellinsgauzenia, Ognia, and portions of New Devon (New Vestfold), and the Free Territory of the South Pole.


Russia's Antarctic claims were divided into six oblasts (often translated as colonies). Up until the 1900s, the Chiefdom of Krannkush was a protectorate of Russia.

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