The Russian Empire was the 2nd largest country in the world and had a large army, but they were             technologically at a disadvantage along with the strife within the peoples of Russia.

                   Russian Empire

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Anthem: God save the Tsar
Capital: St Petersburg
Other City's: Moskow,Kiev,Tbilisi etc
Tsar of Russia: Alexander II
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Population: 30 million

Founded: 1721

Ended: 1881

Language: Russian

Before the Invasion

The Russians had started their conquests in 1721 with Peter the Great and had angered the west in the 7 years war.They had ambitious Tsars (Emperors) that expanded their influence across Europe and Asia which made them stronger day by day.The Crimean War was a direct consequence of Russian aggression but that didn't stop them and led them to be invaded in 1879 by the Entente's forces.

The Russian Conflict (1879-1881)

When the war began the Tsar at the time Alexander II had high hopes that they'd win and get Balkan territory but when Sevastopol was taken mier months after the beginning of the war he realized it was not gonna be that easy.After Grave defeats by the Austrians at Warsaw and the British at Rostov, and even the Franco-Ottomen forces at Baku started a upraw in Russia. When the siege at Kiev began in 1880 Russian forces decided on Human wave tactics which help casualties rise higher then ever before.

But on March 13th 1881 the group known as the People's Will shot and killed Alexander II which started the internal Collapse of the Russian Empire.

Négrier Plan & End of Empire

After the assassination of Alexander II a French General Proposed a plan to the higher ups to Ransom the Russian Duma (Provisional government) with a offer of help to put down the rebellions only if they accepted the terms of the new treaty.It was sent to the Duma in May of 1881 and they considered it and replayed to the governments of the Entente with a help order.Meaning the war was over and so was the Empire.

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