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Russian Espionage in Alaska, has occurred historically in Alaska since the colonial period. Activities in Alaska by various Russian intelligence organizations has persisted through different regimes into the present time. This category includes clandestine operations which were sponsored by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the contemporary Russian Federation. Espionage was most active during the final years of the Russian Empire, the Alaskan Wars of the 1930s and the early Cold War. In all three instances the intentions were to effect the public opinion of Alaskans to be more friendly to the Russian State. Other activities have included money laundering, and the acquisition of classified technology.


The overall impact of Russian Espionage on the Alaskan public remains apparent through the present. The legacy of past and present espionage has been a major factor on the political relationship between the two countries. Nationalistic Alaskans have alleged that Russia still disrespects Alaskan sovereignty and consequently still view Alaska as an outlying territory.

This theory however has not been proven.

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