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The Forum of All Russians
Форум Всех россиян
Russian Forum
Official languages Russian
Demonym The Forum, RF
Type Geopolitical Union
Union Members Holy Russian Empire
Federal Union
 -  Forum Act  
 -  1976 estimate ? (?)

The Russian Forum is a political, military and economic union between the multiple survivor states in East Europe and former Russia. The Forum traces its roots to the Chaos period which occurred almost immediately after Eruption. Seeing the German threat, the leaders in the region would sign the Forum Act which would bring about the Russian Forum and help to give the peoples of the region a united voice.

The Forum has established a single currency to ensure smooth trading and better economic growth as well as a united armed forces to deal with the threat the Germans pose to the peoples of the Forum. The Forum acts in political unison and can essentially be classified as a bloc. 



The region which makes up the present day Russian Forum was, pre-Eruption, part of mostly the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries of Romania, Bulgaria, parts of Greece as well as Turkey. Most of the region had mainly been under direct control or under the influence of the Russian Empire, founded by Peter I in 1721. Since then, the empire had grown to become one of the largest nations on the planet, before it was drowned in revolution, which completely changed the geopolitcal scene of the planet.

The October Revolution would bring Communism to the former lands of the Russian Empire and would help to establish the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922. Under the Soviet Union, much of the former lands of the Russian Empire would once again be governed under Moscow. The new nation would be only 14 years old when the fateful events of Eruption-Day occured, changing the Soviet Union and the world.


Initially, Stalin was unsure on how to handle the situation. What had been a normal summer had suddenly become very cold and reports of crop failures soon started coming in. Stalin quickly ordered curfew and increased his powers to that of controlling the nation in every way possible, granting more power than he had before the eruption. Stalin's actions instilled fear into his general's hearts, and they quickly began to plot his romoval from the scene. Within 6 months, Stalin was killed by his own generals - who feared his power and were afriad of the fact that it was either their lives or his. Following his murder, the generals tried to keep control of the nation, yet in that desperate first winter in the decade where the sun never shown, things got out of hand.

After huge bloodshed and in-fighting, as well as the death of millions - the leaders in the region decided that they must do something so stabilize the condition. Most of the new states had exhausted themselves fighting each other.



Member States

The Russian Forum has the following member states:

Out of these states, the HRE is often said to be the strongest. It is the industrial heartland of the Forum and is responsible for the construction of military equipment and the testing of new technologies. However, the Russian republic comes in at a close second. Although not having the sheer manpower the HRE has, it has a huge area of open and farmland which has helped it to become the breadbasket of the Forum.

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