Alternative History
Russian Republic
Российская республика
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Caucasian Russia
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Мы живем для России, и мы умираем за это!
("We live for Russia and we die for it!")
Anthem "Farewell of Slavianka"
(and largest city)
Other cities Simferopol, Grozny, Makhachkala, Sevastopol and others
  others Chechen, Ossetic, Ukrainian, Ingush, Tatar and others
Russian Orthodox
  others Christian, Atheism, Islam and others
Ethnic Groups
  others Ukrainian, Tatar, Chechen, Georgian and others
Demonym Russian or Caucasian Russian
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
  legislature National Assembly
Prime Minister
Area 618,300 km²
Population 30,748,079 
Independence June 12, 1963
Currency Russian Ruble
Organizations IL

 The Russian Republic is a nation created after the Nuclear Apocalypse by the ex-member of the Soviet Communist Party and by the military stationed in south Russia. 


Northern Caucasus was largely spared by the nuclear war, only the city of Stalingrad was hit with a nuclear missile, but the southern part, near the border with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia suffered radioactive winds and mass of refugees in the first months after the war, the Soviet troops of the North Caucasus Military District, led by Gen. Issa Alexandrovich Pliyev try to keep order and of keep out the refugees from the other Soviet Republic, but the general try to contact Moscow or any other center of the power in Russia, no one respond except for some scattered and confused ham radio in Central Asia and in Ukraine, saying that the capital of the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan and Kiev was doomed, in this stage of confusion the general order at all the ships of the Soviet Union in the Black Sea of return in Rostov, and remain there until new orders. After the winter, passed with no famine or casualties the general decide to annex and take Crimea for a further base of operations and for from there have access to other resources, after a peaceful annexation of the Crimea, except for few Ukrainian nationalist killed during the conquered of Yalta the Crimea was annexed the 10th January of 1963.

A new nation 

After the annexation of Crimea and the incorporation of all the military info the provisional Russian Armed Forces the Gen. Pilyev in agreement with the leadership of the Communist Party in south Russia they decide to become a democratic republic, the Russian Republic was formed the 12th June of 1963, after the declaration of independence from the Soviet Union by the Duma, it was created a constitution very similar to that of the Russian Republic of the 1917 and after some discussion declare the Communist Party of the Soviet Union banned forever and so on many of his ex-members created the "Workers and Farmers Party of Russia", a semi-communist party,