Alternative History
Russian Revolution
Vladimir Ulyanov giving a speech to disillusioned soldiers in St. Petersberg following the end of the Russo-Japanese War
Date 22nd January 1905- 17th October, 1905
Location Russia
Result Peoples Victory
  • Establishment of the Russian Congress (Duma)
  • Nicholas II exiled to Austria
  • Elections are held with Vladimir Ulyanov of the Social Democratic Labor Party winning a landslide
  • October Manifesto replaced with Constitution
Flag of Russia.svg Russian People
  • Flag of Russian SFSR (1937-1954).svg Russian Soviet Party
Flag of Russian Empire for private use (1914–1917).svg Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Ulyanov
Leon Bronstein
Joseph Stalin
Alexander Kerensky
Viktor Chernov
Nicholas II
Sergei Witte