Alternative History

After the Israel War and the creation of the Middle East Republic Russia and China made their responses.

Roots of a Cold War[]

Because of the Western power backed Middle East Republic Western Powers had the Middle East under their sphere of influence. Russia and China decided they needed to expand in order to keep up. Russia expanded into Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrghyzstan. It also began sending support to Cuba. China expanded into the Asia. It occupied Taiwan since September 16, 2007. China supported North Korea. China began Operation Dragon, the invasion of Japan on October 1. It overtook it by October 17. The US sent troops to Japan but were defeated by the Chinese. This became known as the Japan War. China also signed a pact with the countries in the region of Indochina. Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam joined China for fear of invasion. The US, Russia, and China expansion led to another cold war.

Map of world

A map of the world after the initial expansion. Blue is US and its allies, red is Russia and its allies, orange is the China Communist Empire, and green is India.


Indochina Pact (Invasion Iran)

Japan War

Central America War (Invasion Iran)

Japanese Revolution

Africa War (Invasion Iran)

Haiti Civil War