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Russo-Japanese War

February 8, 1904


September 5, 1905


Yellow Sea area


Russian victory; Treaty of Portsmouth


Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of the Principality of Montenegro Montenegro
Supported by:
Flag of France France
Flag of the German Empire Germany

Flag of Japan Japan
Supported by:
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom


Flag of Russia Tsar Nicholas II

Flag of Japan Emperor Meiji

Casualties and Losses

The Russo-Japanese War was a conflict fought between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan between 1904 until 1906. The war ended in a Russian victory, allowing for the imperial expansion of Russia into northern China and the Korean peninsula. The war was a disaster for Japan, which would not fully recover until World War I and its rise after World War II.

The Russo-Japanese war was the first conflict in which Russian Americans played a major role in, helping to strengthen an Alaskan identity that would result in independence in 1917.

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