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Sándor Kocsis
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Sándor Kocsis
Prime Minister Sándor “Chief” Kocsis

Prime Minister of Austria-Hungary
6 April 1983 – 6 April 1998

Predecessor TBD
Successor TBD

General Secretary of the Germanic League
20 August 1976 – 20 August 1982

Predecessor Grand Duchess Charlotte
Successor TBD

Speaker of the Imperial Congress
1 August 1975 – 20 August 1976

Predecessor Jan Huskivite
Successor Ferenc Pushkar

Danubian Police Commissioner
25 July 1971 – 1 August 1975

Predecessor Frederick Schultzman
Successor Blaco Sekovics

Mayor of Budapest
1 January 1959 – 1 January 1963

Predecessor Kálmán Pongrácz
Successor István Sarlós

Representative from Hungary’s 2nd District
14 May 1963 – 25 July 1971

Predecessor Erza Kulman
Successor Bethlen Gerza
Born 21 September 1929
Died 5 December 2010 (aged 91)
Spouse Elizabeth Kocsis (m. 1949., d. 1970)
Issue 3 (2 out of wedlock)
Political Party Centrist
Religion Catholicism
Profession Soldier, football player and politician

Örnagy Sándor Kocsis (21 September 1929 – 5 December 2010) was a Hungarian football player and politician. He is the only head of government to win the World Cup.

Early life and football years

Born on 21 September 1929 in Budapest, Kocsis began his career as a junior with Kőbányai TC, before joining Ferencváros TC in 1946. There, he won his first Hungarian League title in 1949. He was then conscripted into the army and joined the army club Honvéd. His team mates at Honvéd included Ferenc Puskás, Zoltán Czibor and József Bozsik. During his time at the club he won three more Hungarian League titles in 1952, 1954 and 1955. He finished as top goalscorer in the league on three occasions in 1951, 1952 and 1954 scoring 30, 36 and 33 goals respectively. On the latter two occasions he was also the top goalscorer in any European league. He was also in the Hungarian National team from 1948 until 1956, during which they won the inaugural UEFA European Championship when Kocsis provided a late assist to Ferenc Puskás to win Austria 2-1. He also made history when he scored a hat trick to secure Hungary’s second World Championship in the 1955 World Cup final against England.

Political life

Sándor entered politics in 1959 when was elected Mayor of Budapest. As Mayor, he improved the police forces and was cruel to mob bosses, cutting crime by 56%. He was then elected to the Imperial Congress representing Hungary's 2nd district for the Moderate Party. After a few terms as a representative, Sándor was picked by his fellow parliamentarians to become Speaker of the Imperial Congress. But a year later, Kocsis was elected General Secretary of the Germanic League. He oversaw the distribution of money to help newly non-communist nations. After he returned, he took his party’s leadership and came out on top in the 1983 general election. As Prime Minister, he finally had some power over the Police because the Police Commissioner position was decorative, and cut all crime activity down. He got the nickname "The Chief" as he focused on the police during his premiership. He dropped it so far that there is a term in politics that if you bring crime down by 20% you have achieved the "Sándor" safety achievement. And because crime had dropped they did not have to give the jails as much money so from 1990 to 1999 Austria Hungary had no national debt. He retired after 5 terms as Prime Minister, the longest serving ever.

Personal life

He had 3 kids: Ferenc, Sandy and Henry. One with his former wife and 2 out of wedlock with playmate Julia Peterson. He had Alzheimer and before he died of natural causes he said "I should enter politics" as if he was back in 1959. He died later that night in his mansion outside of Budapest.


In 1997 the Kocsis Knights F.C. were founded and named in his honors and in 2005 the team won their first national title and in 2010 they placed second in the Europa League and since their ascension to the top flight of Hungarian Football they have always qualified for the UEFA Champions League. He was in FIFA’s Top 50 best footballers of all time.