Municipality of San Juan
Municipio de San Juan (Spanish)
Timeline: The Era of Relative Peace

OTL equivalent: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Municipality of San Juan
Location of San Juan in the island of Puerto Rico in red
Country US flag 51 stars.svg United States
State Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Puerto Rico
Language English, Spanish
Roman Catholicism
  others Christianity
Ethnic group White Americans, African Americans, Latino, American Indian, Caribbean Islander/Afro-Caribbeans, Pacific Islander, Mixed
Established 1509
Area 199 km²

San Juan is the capital of the state of Puerto Rico, the 51st state of the United States. The city has traces of its Spanish colonial past, evidenced by its architecture and churches.

The city was targeted by Cuban air forces during the Air Attacks on Puerto Rico of World War III. The city suffered slightly moderate damage and over 800 casaulties from the attacks. These were soon repaired around 1994-1995.

Post-war, San Juan mainly relies on tourism for its local economy.

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