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Mary Craighead (USA Kingdom)

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Leader Infobox

Abraham Lincoln
Order: 17th Consul
Term of Office: January 1, 1862 - March 7, 1866
Date of birth: February 12, 1809
Date of death: March 7, 1866
Place of birth: Hardin County, District of Kentucky
Profession: Lawyer
Political Party: Liberty
Lieutenant Consul:

This example is for Abraham Lincoln, Consul of Virginia in the Federalist Failure timeline. Obviously, specific entries and information would vary depending on the individual

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|+<big>'''Abraham Lincoln'''</big>
|'''Order:'''|| 17th Consul
|'''Term of Office:'''|| January 1, 1862 - March 7, 1866
|'''Date of birth:'''||February 12, 1809
|'''Date of death:'''||March 7, 1866
|'''Place of birth:'''||Hardin County, District of Kentucky
|'''Political Party:'''||Liberty
|'''Lieutenant Consul:'''||

Monarch Infobox

Order: Xth King/Queen
Reign: January 1, xxxx - January 1, xxxx
Predecessor: xx
Successor: xx
Date of birth: January 1, xxxx
Date of death: January 1, xxxx
Place of birth: wonderland
Full name and title: xxxx