In this time-line, Satomi Yoshihiro, not Toyotomi Hideyoshi, manages to unite all of Japan. Soon, Satomi Yoshihiro (and other Satomi clan members) leads Japan on a colonial expansion and eventually, Korea and China follow suit. This also causes India to unite together, and Thailand becomes a minor power.

(On a side note, the name of this time-line got its name from Satori Komeiji's theme, Satori Maiden ~ Third Eye)

Other notes:

  • The Americas weren't discovered until around 1520s, by Portugal.
  • Denmark-Norway remained a union, while the Swedish Empire still broke up. Finland however declared independence in 1861.
  • Not all of Napoleon's Empire fell, as the French held on to some of their territories.
  • The world is bit more advanced technology wise then OTL.
2010 Map (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)

World in 2010.


  • 1538: The Battle of Kōnodai was won by Satomi and Ashikaga forces. (Second main POD)
  • 1545: Hōjō clan is defeated by Satomi and Ashikaga Clans.
  • 1565: Satomi Yoshihiro and his ally, Ashikaga clan, leads their military to conquer Miyoshi clan holdings.
  • 1567: Miyoshi is defeated, and Satomi clan declares war on Yamana and Amako clans.
  • 1575: The last of the clans are defeated, and Japan is united under Satomi Yoshihiro. Satomi Yoshihiro becomes Imperial Regent of Japan while Ashikaga Yoshiaki becomes Chancellor of the Realm.
  • 1580: Japan boats travel to Amazonia and colonise around where OTL Chile would be.
  • 1600: The Korean Empire decides to send a ship, and sets up a colony somewhere around OTL Peru.
  • 1605: Denmark-Norway declares war on England after a conflict happened.
  • 1610: Japanese explorers find a new continent (that's above Amazonia) and calls it Takamatsu. Their second colony is set up in OTL Acapulco.
  • 1615: Denmark-Norway begins to colonise OTL Newfoundland.
  • 1619: Sweden begins to colonise around the area of New Netherland.
  • 1620: The Chinese also send a ship to Takamatsu and sets up a colony of where OTL Puerto Vallarta would be.
  • 1625: Venice finds and sets up a colony around the Bahamas.
  • 1635: England builds up their navy to surround their coast, and the blockade of ships to Denmark happens.
  • 1670: The second English-'Viking' war happens, with Denmark-Norway winning again.
  • 1721: Sweden loses Finland to Russia.
  • 1725: Alicante becomes a main port for Japan and the city becomes something similar to OTL Macau and Hong Kong.
  • 1729: Something similar happens with Gijón but is Chinese port.
  • 1750: The third British-Danish+Norwegian happens.
  • 1758: The war ends with Denmark-Norway annexing Scotland.
  • 1760s: A little slice of Europe is colonised by Japan, Korea, and China.
  • 1799: Russian Takamatsu is formed and Alaska is established.
  • 1800: France takes power and the Napoleonic era begins in Europe.
  • 1812: The French don't invade Russia, and instead declare war on Britain. Denmark-Norway also declares war on Britain.
  • 1815: Napoleonic era ends, and France holds onto part of Spain and the lowland countries. Northern Ireland and parts of England are annexed to Denmark-Norway, while Ireland takes control of Wales.
  • 1840-1845: Japanese, Korean, and Chinese colonisation of Africa begins.
  • 1861: Finland declares independence.
  • 1904: Russian-Japanese war starts.
  • 1908: Russian-Japanese war ends with Japan taking parts of Russia, including part of Kamchatka.
  • 1948: Tatarstan declares independence with the help of Republic of China.
  • 1952: Japan, Korea, and China gets a man on the moon first.
  • 1954: European Union is founded by Sweden, Denmark-Norway, Finland and Yugoslavia.
  • 1955: The Vietnam War begins.
  • 1965: Vietnam War ends with South Vietnamese victory and is united under democracy.
  • 1985: The Soviet Union is reformed and turns into Russian Federation with democracy. Cold War ends.
  • 1993: Iran tests their first missile test, puts world on high alert.


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