Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Baltics
Flag of Scandinavia
Flag of Scandinavia

Guds Hjälp, Folkets Vilja, Skandinaviens Styrka.
("God's Help, the People's Will, Scandinavia's Strength")

Anthem "Starkare Tillsammans

(Stronger Together)"

Capital Stockholm
Largest city Stockholm
Other cities Copehagen, Helsinki
  others Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Faroese, Greenlandic, German
Religion Christian, Protestant
Demonym Scandinavian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Monarch Haakon I
Established 1972
Currency Scandinavian Krone

Scandinavia is a nation in Northern Europe that controls all of the former Kingdoms of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, as well as the former Republics of Finland and Iceland. The Kingdom of Scandinavia, as it is formally called, is ruled by monarch Harald I of Scandinavia. 


Scandinavia was originally two separate nations that have since formed together to make the Kingdom, which is united nowdays. Sweden and Denmark were ruled by separate monarchs, but the marriage of Prince Harald V of Sweden and Queen Margarethe II of Denmark united the two nations in 1972. Later in 1972, Denmark was re-organized into the Confederation of the Baltics. Then, in 1979 Sweden was re-organized into the Union of Scandinavia, which eventually grew to encompass Finland after the rightful government had all been killed. By 1981, Finland, Sweden and Denmark were all united under Scandinavia.


While King Harald I of Scandinavia and Queen Margarethe I of Scandinavia are technically co-ruling, law and legal precedent makes it so that only one person may be the official monarch, so Harald I rules both Scandinavia and the Confederation of the Baltics.

Foreign Relations

Scandinavia is a member of the UCO, ULN  and CSTO . The UCO is an organization dedicated to finding a cure to the Zombie Infection, the ULN is the successor to the United Nations, and the CSTO is an alliance that has followed the Warsaw Pact.


Scandinavia's military has 750,000 active duty and reserve troops, with a capability of over 2,500,000 men if they were invaded in a World War.



Soccer, or footbal, is a huge sport in Scandinavia. Currently there are a number of stadiums being built in Scandinavia, possibly in preparation for an upcoming World Cup .

Stadium Name City State Capacity
Stadium of Scadinavia Stockholm Sweden 80,000
Oslo Stadium Oslo Norway 75,000
Daneland Stadium Copehagen Denmark 70,000
Finnmark Stadium Helsinki Finland 60,000
Reykjavik Stadium Reykjavik Iceland 55,000

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