Map of Scandinavian Islands (name colour matched with island colour)


Before Ragnarok

Scandinavia was once a landmass attached to Eastern/Western Europe and OTL Russia. This was vikings lived before the Night of Ragnarok.

After Ragnarok

Scandinavia was the area of the world most affected by Ragnarok, splitting the once solid landmass, into a archipelago.

Notable islands in the Scandinavian archipelago:

  • Odin Island (named after the god, Odin. Notable for the nation of Odinland).
  • Thor Island (named after the god, Thor. Notable for numerous amount of precious materials).
  • Fenrir Island (named after the legendary wolf, Fenrir. Notable for numerous amount of magical creatures).
  • Hodor Island (named after the god, Hodor. Notable for being the coldest island in Scandinavia).
  • Alviss Island (named after the dwarf, Alvíss. Notable for the nation, Norori, and one of the only place in the world with a major dwarf population).
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