Alternative History
Den Skandinavisk Union / The Scandinavian Union
Timeline: Viva California
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Alla för Nordländerna
Capital Stockholm, Kristiania
Largest city Kobenhavn
Other cities Götenborg, Trondheim, Rejkjavik, London, Edinborg, Glasgow
Scandinavian, English
  others Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Saami, Inupiat
Religion Lutheranism, Church of England, Catholicism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Queen Victoria
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt
Population 84,331,888 (2007 estimate) 
Established 1905
Currency Kronar

The Scandinavian Union is a younger participant on the world stage, coming into existence following the Swedish Civil War in 1905 where Norwegian secessionists, instigated by Great Britain, were crushed.


The Scandinavian Union was not a new concept, and in fact, variations on the theme have existed since the 1400's with the Kalmar Union, the United Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, and finally, the modern iteration.

Following the Swedish Civil War of 1905, dramatic changes were instigated in the governments of the nation. The capital, formerly at Stockholm was split. The Royals remained at Stockholm, but the Parliament was moved to Kristiania (Oslo). Language reform was instigated, and today the only official language of the Scandinavian Realm is Scandinavian, although local dialects flourish, often with a heavy borrowing of Scandinavian vocabulary.


Growth of the Scandinavian Union.

During The Great War the Union remained cautiously neutral, slightly aggrandizing its territories in the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands having been ceded by Denmark at the dissolution of the Danish India Corporation.

With the onset of The World War, the Union took a more active role, invading Great Britain who had attacked Norway, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands. Scandinavia successfully invaded Finland, parts of Estonia and Latvia in a countermove to the Russian and German juggernauts.

After The Spasm

After the Spasm, the Scandinavian Union concentrated on strengthening its control of the Baltic, but also became embattled in the Brush Wars on its eastern borders in the former USSR. Foreign policy to this day remains to support pro-Scandinavian governments in the border region.

In 2005, with the marriage of England's King William to Princess Victoria, their children will bring England into personal union with the Scandinavian Union. Response in England has been mixed, but with public campaigns and increased economic stability, the English are accepting the change in governance.

International Politics

The Scandinavian Union has become the dominant world power following the Spasm and hosts the Nations of Earth in a western suburb of Christinasborg, Ladegardsjön.