National Armed Defense of Scandinavia
Pajoh Herliyu Viyortaka Scandinavia
Service branches Army
Air Force
National People's Army
Headquarters Stockholm
Commander-in-Chief Svante Lindqvist
Military age 18
Active personnel 102,345
Reserve personnel 350,533
Percent of GDP 34%
Foreign suppliers Soviet Union
The National Armed Defense of Scandinavia (Norse: Pajoh Herliyu Viyortaka Scandinavia) are the armed forces of the Union of Scandinavia. It consists of the National Scandinavian Army, National Scandinavian Navy, National Scandinavian Air Force and the National People's Army.

The Scandinavian armed forces is renowned for being self-sufficient, producing its own military equipment (itself based on Soviet weaponry). 


Interwar Period

During the Interwar Period, the Scandinavian forces fought the Soviet invasion, led by Stalin. Despite being pushed back at first, the Scandinavians were able to inflict huge casualties against the Soviets, enabling them to capture a lot of Soviet weaponry and military supplies, which were re-distributed for the resistance against the Soviet invasion.

The war ended with the Scandinavians pushing the Soviets back into the People's Republic of Finland, a Soviet puppet state. 

World War II

During the Second World War, the Royal Scandinavian Forces would againt see action against Germany and the Axis powers. Like the Scandinavian-Soviet War, the RSF were able to provide the Germans and Axis with a stubborn resistance, making it near-impossible for the Axis to efficiently penetrate Scandinavia.

Modern-Day Engagements

2017 Swedish Migrant Crisis

As a result of the Scandinavian government's ban on Muslim migration, many Swedish Muslim migrants began to riot in Stockholm. The migrants also used smuggled weapons, to carry out shootings and attacks on police stations and public places. The Stockholm Battalion of the National People's Army were deployed into Stockholm, where a two-day gun battle and man-hunt for the migrants ensued. In the end, 14 migrant terrorists were killed, another 34 injured. 

This led to the Scandinavian government to implement a crackdown on Muslim Scandinavians, shutting down more 142 mosques across the nation.

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