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A Sea Change is a profound or notable transformation, and many have occurred human history. While Homo Sapiens are a successful new comer to the Homo family, ancestors of modern humans were very diverse with several branches that spread across the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. But what of the oceans? What would history look like if another sentient species civilized the oceans?

Point of Divergence

  1. Pleistocene Epoch, Calabrian Age (~1.2 Ma): Due to a severe drought, several large groups of Hominia take to a semi aquatic existence. While some return to land dwelling, a portion of them remain in the water and evolve adaptations to a oceanic environment in the form of "Merpeople".


This timeline will be looking at a plausibility where a splinter branch of the genus homo adapted to life in the ocean, creating both humans and an arguably sentient race of merpeople. It uses proposals made by the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis and plays out the chain of events that might follow. Somethings will be similar, as much human history is spent on dry land or around fresh water sources, a sub aquatic peoples would naturally have little influence over that part of the human timeline. For peoples and civilizations that use the ocean for resources or travel however, things will be much different.

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