Alternative History

The Second American Civil War was a war fought between conservative expansionist forces of America, who christened themselves the Empire of the American States, and secessionist liberals who formed the Democratic States of America in what used to be called the United States of America during the beginning of the 21st century. This war is generally considered the most destructive war in American history with higher military casualties than all previous American wars combined, and with civilian casualties exceeding that of the Second World War. This civil war was closely tied to the War of American Expansion which was fought prior and during the Civil War. [Outcome of war not yet determined]

Chronology of events in the War of American Expansion and those leading up to the Second American Civil War:

January 20, 2005: George W. Bush inaugurated for his second term in office

October 25, 2005: Iraqi constitution draft approved by popular vote, turning the nation into the 52nd US state (Israel became the 51st in 2004).

June 13, 2006: Saddam Hussein executed

September 20, 2006: U.S. renounces membership to the UN

April 26, 2007: U.S. forces simultaneously invade Syria and Iran

October 9, 2007: Syria falls, in Iran situation worsens, with no clear victory in sight

October 10, 2007: Arab-led coalition declares war on the U.S., Israel, and Iraq

October 13, 2007: Sensing US military weakness, North Korea invades South Korea.

October 15, 2007: The People’s Republic of China invades the Republic of China

October 27, 2007: Congress grant George W. Bush emergency wartime powers for a period of three months

October 28, 2007: Taiwan captured by the PRC

November 16, 2007: Defeated US forces in South Korea retreat to Pusan

November 19, 2007: US forces capture Beirut

November 21, 2007: Civil war in Iraq ends with the overthrow of the American-installed regime

November 22, 2007: Iraq joins the Arab coalition

December 7, 2007: Syria recaptured by Arab coalition

January 27, 2008: George W. Bush’s emergency wartime powers are indefinitely extended.

February 11, 2008: US forces recapture Seoul

March 24, 2008: George W Bush announces the existence a shocking conspiracy within the ranks of Congress. Calls for an emergency restructuring of the nation. With the support of the Republicans, George W. Bush declares the U.S. the Empire of American States (EAS) abolishes Congress, indefinitely postpones the November elections, and institutes a draft.

March 27, 2008: Democrat states secede from the EAS to form the Democratic States of America (DSA) Democratic Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama is elected President of the Democratic States of America.

March 29, 2008: EAS embargoes DSA but could not take military action due to the thinness of its forces spread across the world.

Chronology of events in the war:

July 29, 2008: EAS conscripts invade Maryland.

July 30, 2008: EAS invade Illinois

August 8, 2008: Maryland falls to Republican forces

September 15, 2008: Democrat forces retreat from Pennsylvania

September 16, 2008: DSA forces overrun Nevada

September 17, 2008: Chicago falls to Republicans

September 21, 2008: Michigan militia captures Indianapolis

October 3, 2008: New Jersey falls to Republicans, Chicago recaptured

October 4, 2008: New York City besieged by EAS troops

December 25, 2008: New York City falls to EAS forces

January 19, 2009: France declares war on EAS

January 29, 2009: French troops besiege New York City

February 4, 2009: New York City taken by French at a a heavy cost of casualties. EAS casulaties minimal.

February 7, 2009: Battle of Cheakespeake Bay: A large division of French troops ambushed by a EAS company on the east bank of the Cheakespeake while awaiting transport ships. Rescue fleet annihilated by a squadron of EAS heicopters. Last-minute assistance from a DSA platoon resulted in a joint DSA-French victory.

February 16, 2009: Empire of American States orders the construction of the Death SARS, a massive mobile biological weapon capable of spreading an improved version of the deadly disease it secretly planted in Guandong, China in 2002. The 2002 operation, which was intended to cut down the Chinese overpopulation, failed miserably. The EAS hoped this slightly improved version of the virus would be more successful.

March 5, 2009: Death SARS is declared a failure as both sides fall victim to the virus. President Bush gives the order for the immediate innoculation of EAS citizens. The DSA is left to suffer with the disease. President Bush begins his plans to build a wall to split the affected areas from the "clean" states.

[Remainder of War not yet determined]