In 2006 twenty eight year old George Hansen, a staunch Communist, returns to America after fighting for the Irish Republican Army. He comes to his home in the Bronx to find that the people are poorer than they were before. He quickly forms the Liberation Army of America or LAA.

The Beginning

By July 2007 the LAA is slowly gaining members. Hansen brings the group to Cuba to get help. Hansen meets with Fidel Castro and discusses his problem. Castro agrees to give weapons and funding so the LAA can form a Communist government in America. The LAA also trains with the Cuban Army and is given AK-47s, RPKs, RPG-7s, and Uzis.

When the LAA returns to America they set up shop in a small mansion in Arlington, Virginia. They also start to put up propaganda posters and commit vandalism in the Washington, D.C. area. They then commit their first act of violence, the Assassination of Donald Cardigan. 

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