Second Arab-Ethiopian War
Part of Fall of the Rashidun Caliphate
Ethiopian war
Prince and future Emperor Theodore leading his troops at the Battle of Fayyum
Date March 1703-September 1718
Location East Africa
Middle East
Result Overall Ethiopian victory
Treaty of Cairo
Egypt annexed to Ethiopia
End of secular authority to the Caliph
Rashidun flag Rashidun Caliphate

Mogadishu Swahili Sultanate
Flag of Morocco Sultanate of Maghreb
Jaffarid flag Jaffarid Sultanate
Sultanate of Cyprus (after 1706)
Kingdom of Oman (PMIV) Sultanate of Oman (after 1705)
Oromo People

Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Ethiopian Empire
Flag of the Mughal Empire Shahdom of Iran
Sultanate of Cyprus (until 1706)
Kingdom of Oman (PMIV) Sultanate of Oman (until 1705)
Commanders and leaders
Caliph Abu Bakr ibn Issa

Yahya Al-Bard
Sultan Umar II Al-Jaffar

Emperor Iyasu

Theodore Iyasu
Shah Ismail IV

20,000 Kilab Al-Rub
170,000 Moroccan troops
190,000 Arab troops
40,000 Swahili troops
3 Omani ships
5 Cypriot ships
280,000 Ethiopian troops
2,000 Persian troops
Casualties and losses
150,000 Arab troops
90,000 Moroccan troops
800 Swahili troops
200,000 Arab civilians
500,000 Oromo civilians
1 Omani ship
30,000 Ethiopian troops killed
200 Persian troops killed
 The Second Arab-Ethiopian War was a conflict in the early 18th century between the Coptic and Muslim populations within the Rashidun Caliphate. It resulted in the Treaty of Cairo in 1718, which created the Ethiopian Empire, as well as partition the rest of the Caliphate between its powerful successor states such as Maghreb and Jaffarid Arabia. 


Ethiopia Under Muslim Rule

Amharic Sojourn and Aliyah

Seventh Fitna

Disintegrating Power of the Caliph

Course of the War

Campaign in Upper Egypt

Collapse of Power in the Middle East

First Jaffarid Invasion

Second Invasion and Sinai Campaign

Siege of the Delta

End of the War

Establishment of Ethiopia

Jaffarid Rule of the Middle East

Cyprus and Maghreb

New Position of the Caliph

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