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The Second Global War, also known as Napoleon's War, was in many ways a continuation of the French Revolution, and thus, indirectly, of the First Global War.

The major powers involved were France and Japan and Britain and Russia on the other. Numerous other minor powers were involved, but those were the primary partners.

Japan attempted to regain lost colonies in North America, occupying most of North America at their height, though they were eventually pushed back. In Asia, Japan pushed the border with Russia westwards, stopping at the Ural mountains.

By 1811, most of Europe was under French control, and large sections of North Asia were under Japanese control. The Japanese began to feel that their French allies were overextending themselves, and attempted, without success, to talk Napoleon out of his ill-fated invasion of Russia. Near the end of 1811, Japan negotiated separate peace treaties with her enemies, dropping out of the war. Japan's gains included territory in Russia between the Ural mountains and the Obu (Ob) River, and much of what is today East Kazakhstan. In North America, Japan regained control of Areska, but was forced to cede Oregon in return for British forces leaving the areas of Misuri which they controlled. In South Asia, Japan regained some of the lost territories in the East Indies, and regained a foothold in India.

In 1812, France, now alone, invaded Russia, which proved to be the beginning of the end for Napoleon's empire. The Toyotomi of the West had finally exceeded his reach. Russia was joined by Sweden and other powers as Sweden sought redress for its exclaves of Oldenburg, Lübeck and Pomerania. Napoleon was given asylum in Japan, agreeing to confine himself to the Kinai.