Second International Alliance
Второй Международный Альянс
Segundo Alianza Internacional
AnthemThe Internationale
CapitalBrussels, Belgium
(and largest city) New York City, PRA
Official languages English


Type International Union
 -  Premier TBD
 -  General Secretary TBD
Establishment 1889
 -  Alliance Charter 1917 

The Second International is an International Union between the nations of Earth, designed "To promote fairness, equality, and socialism in all nations of the world." The Second International, often called the SI, also functions to legislate and enforce international law, encourage social progress and economic development.

The long-term goal of the SI, as stated in 2009 by Premier _________ ____________ is to "develop the nations of the world to the point where a full union of nations can be attained, to the benefit of all member states."


The Second International was founded in 1889 as an organization of Socialist, Marxist and pro-Labor political parties. The original idea was sponsored by Belgian, French, and German socialist parties, and was based on the First International

The First Congress was held in 1889, and consisted of representatives from 20 nations. Following the first meeting, the date for the Second Congress was set. This set the official rules of calling a Congress which is still followed today.

Chartering and Great War

Introduction of the Bancor


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