World War 1


Second Banana Wars


Russian Civil War

Second Russo-Japanese War

16th March 1927


9th August 1931


Korea, Siberia, Sea of Japan

  • Japanese Victory
  • Collapse of the Russian Empire
  • Russia is forced to cede parts of Siberia to Japan

Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white)Russian Empire

Naval Ensign of JapanEmpire of Japan







Casualties and Losses



The Second Russo-Japanese War was fought between the Russian Empire and the Japanese Empire.

After Russia had been forced to sign the Treaties of Brest-Litovsk and Denver, the tsar of Russia, Alexi II was looking forward to cover up Russia's previous defeats at the hands of the Allied Powers during World War 1 and Japan during the First Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) as Alexi looked forward to reclaim Port Arthur and seize control of all of Korea in one last attempt to prove Russia was strong indeed. Shortly after the signing of the Treaties of Denver and Brest-Litovsk, Alexi II ordered a military buildup on the border with Korea along with the mobilization of the entire Russian Fleet moving the majority of it to the East Chinese Sea in order to surprise Japan. With Japan having being kicked out of America, Alexi took the opportunity as Russia declared war on Japan briefly joining the Allies during the final days of World War 1.


First Russo-Japanese War

World War 1

Russian Surprise Attack

Invasion of Korea

Invasion of Hokkaido

Battle of the Sea of Japan

Japanese Counter-Attack in Korea

Battle of Daejeon

Battle of Seoul

Heijō Campaign

Landing at Tanchon

Siege of Kaechon

Invasion of Siberia

Battle of the Sea of Okhotsk

Battle of Vladivostok

Far Eastern Offensive

Invasion of the Kamchatka Peninsula

First Yakutsk Campaign

Second Yakutsk Campaign

Ulan-Ude Offensive

Peace and Aftermath

Treaty of Portsmouth

Political Consequences

Effects on Russia

Effects on Japan

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