The Treaty of Akranes of 1401 was a treaty made to secure the Örebro Union entry into the Anglo-Scottish/Welsh war in the Scottish/Welsh side. It followed the First Treaty of Akranes, signed 3 decades ago. Also known as the Treaty of Orkney, the treaty ended a dispute that has been ongoing for several centuries now in a favourable way to Norway to secure the participation of the Scandinavian nations into the side of Scotland in this crucial war and cement lasting peace, trading relations and prosperity between them.


  • The Petty Kingdom of Iceland renounces its fealty to Scotland and swears fealty to the Kingdom of Norway. Scotland also renounces its vassalage of the Petty Kingdom of Iceland and all claims on it.
  • The Örebro Union, namely consisting of the Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark held together in a personal union would provide troops and their fleet to support Scotland in their war with England in return for the concession of the Petty Kingdom of Iceland.
  • Free trade between the Kingdoms of Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark respectively is facilitated.
  • All Icelandic and Örebro Union ports are made available to Scottish and Welsh merchant ships, as Scottish and Welsh ports are also made available for Icelandic and Örebro Union merchant ships in order to facilitate free trade and folster better relations between our respective states.
  • A mutually beneficial cooperation and alignment between the states of Scotland, Wales, Iceland and Sweden against any existential threat against these respective states is agreed upon.


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