The Treaty of Caernarfon [negotiated in 1403, signed in 1404] was a treaty that ended the Welsh War of Independence (1400-1404), securing the long awaited independence for Wales, after the intervention of Scotland and its allied powers, such as the Örebro Union, while France launched a separate front to honor the Auld Alliance. It followed the First Treaty of Caernarfon, signed 3 decades ago. This settled the dispute over Wales once and for all in a favourable way for the Principality of Wales and the Celtic Confederacy.


  • The Kingdom of England will withdraw its troops from the henceforth independent Principality of Wales, while also forever renouncing all its claims over it as well as any vassalage they hold over it. They would be entitled to financial compensation for renouncing their claims over Wales.
  • The Kingdom of England will end its military occupation and withdraw its troops from the counties of Boulogne, Guînes and Saint-Pol, handing back their administration to the expelled rightfull lords of these counties, all relatives of the Scottish King, Robert II Bruce.
  • Every single English rebel inside the Principality of Wales who are or support the illegitimate pretenders to the English throne, such as the deceased Henry Percy, the Earl of Northumberland, shall be handed over to the Kingdom of England to do with them as they see fit. The Kindgom of Scotland's military will ensure the enforcement of this term.
  • A truce and a non-aggression pact between all parties involved is agreed upon for a 20 year period.


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